3 Lifestyle Changes That Happened Immediately After Becoming a Parent


Below are some simple, yet surprising – and maybe not so surprising things– that have really changed since becoming a parent.

1. Birthdays

I like to go all out for my husbands and daughters birthday. Two years ago, For my husbands 30th we had a big “to do” here at our new house in South Burlington. Jon’s bithday falls on 9/16 so it’s a nice time to have an end of summer celebration. That year we had 40-50 close friends and family here to help us celebrate and commiserate in the act of turning 30. This year, Jon turns 32 and his parents and I are sending him to Camden yards in Maryland to watch his beloved baseball team – the Orioles- kick off the start of the American League championships. I feel he deserves it – he’s a hardworking,dedicated, hands on dad!

We went all out for my daughters first birthday too! Another outdoor party at our house complete with friends and family. We had people come from near and far to celebrate Ms. Simone. A water table was made, food, appetizers and desserts were cooked and a slide show of baby pictures was made to show our guests. A good time had by all- and hopefully Simone too !

little girl, birthday, birthday cake, birthday smash

What did I do for my birthday you ask? Oh, we ordered takeout from Panera Bread and ate on the floor since we decided to turn our living room into a play/toy area for our then 5 month old.

…and that was the end of that evening.

Nowadays my biggest debate when it comes to a birthday is what creative toys to put in the goodie bag as opposed to the year I went skydiving where my biggest debate was what amazing thing I could do to celebrate another year.

As a parent, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t much care about celebrating my own birthday and I’d much rather spend the time energy and preparation for my child. Something tells me this won’t change….

2. Dinner parties

Last winter friends out of ours- without kids– invited us over for dinner at their house. They asked us to come on over around 7:30-8pm. I gasped. How times have changed! After much discussion with my husband we decided to politely ask if they would mind moving our get together to 5-5:30 since Simone goes to bed at 7:30.

I do concur that 7:30/8 was the time we used to eat dinner. We’d work a full day, run errands or relax and then think about dinner whenever we felt like it. It usually fell to around 8pm.

Maybe one day well get back to that time frame, or maybe we won’t. For now, we’re sticking with the early bird special.

3. My diaper bag is now my purse

I used to dress cute. Now, it’s an absolute miracle if I don’t have poop, spit up or regurgitated carrots on my clothes. Most days, you’ll see me with all of the above.

A coworker recently said, “you always look so comfortable Leah.” I’d have to agree. It’s a wonder I’m not wearing jeans to work. And it’s an even bigger miracle that I’m not wearing something with green poop stains.

woman, mother, baby, mother and child, happy baby, happy mother

I’ve retired my cute dresses and my platform heels for comfortable flats and running shoes from TJ Maxx. I’ve folded and packed away my party clothes for mom jeans and flannel pajamas. My clutch purses have disappeared and my diaper bag now serves as my purse.

The best part is, I wouldn’t change one single thing. Bring on the birthdays, bring on the 4pm dinners and the mom jeans- I’m whole heartedly grateful for this lifestyle.

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I am the oldest of three children from Jericho Vermont. I definitely "fit the mold" as the first born and always knew I wanted to be a mom! I went to college in Boston for social work and now work part time in the Burlington area. This allows me to spend time at home with my very active toddler. I enjoy reading and writing about being a new mom and I can't wait to gear your stories. I am honored to be mom to Simone, our fiery little 14 month old!


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