Lilli’s Mommy Makeover Reveal


A couple of weeks ago we had our New Year, New You Mommy Makeover!  Today, our winner Lilli shares with us all the details of how her day of pampering went. 

This is Lilli…

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My name is Lilli.  I am a native German but was born and raised in Russia.  I have been married to my husband for 7 years and we have 2 beautiful boys that are about to turn 6 and 3 (they were born on the same day 3 years apart). I have transitioned from being a certified dental assistant to stay-at-home mom and hopefully soon to be working mom when the youngest enters pre-K this fall.  When the kids are finally in bed you’ll find me curled up on the couch, watching tv with a computer in my lap surfing the web for new recipes or staying in touch with my family in Germany.

MiniSpa VT

Lilli’s first stop was at MiniSpa VT.  Lilli admits that she wasn’t sure what to expect out of the day but went into it grateful for the opportunity.

Her first treatment was the SOS Facial…her first facial ever!  This involves a double cleanse, exfoliation, and a mask with serums picked out for her skin’s specific needs.  After giving her face a little tender loving care, it was time for her hands to have their time in the spotlight.  With the MiniSpa Deluxe Manicure, Lilli soaked her fingers in a bath of almond milk to soften the skin.  After that her hands were exfoliated with an almond sugar scrub and finished off with an almond cuticle treatment.  To seal in all of that moisture the technician finished the whole thing off with a paraffin wax dip.

Let’s see…warm wax on a cold day equals heaven!

Indigo Salon

Next up was Indigo Salon for the rest of her pampering.  Erin did Lilli’s hair and makeup, and according to Lilli was “Amazing”!  Because Lilli still wanted to be able to pull her hair back into a ponytail, they decided not to take off too much length. Instead, Erin freshened up the already existing layers in Lilli’s hair and gave her some side bangs.  Erin also did some highlights in three different colors to brighten up Lilli’s hair a bit.  As for makeup, Erin decided on a palette that included neutrals in brown and peachy tones to accentuate her facial features and blue eyes.

Stephanie Brigan Photography

As always, we like to throw a little paparazzi into the mix to make our mom feel like a true celebrity.  Stephanie, of Stephanie Brigan Photography, was on hand to capture Lilli’s final hour at Indigo.  Here are some of her thoughts about the experience.

I’ve always been a big Indigo Salon fan, getting my hair done there regularly. They wooed me with their coffee offer and beautiful views of the lake. When I arrived, Lilli was getting her makeup done (I almost poke my eyes out putting mascara on, so I was excited I didn’t miss this part). I asked Lilli why she wasn’t asleep in the chair, because a day of pampering away from your kids should probably put you in a temporary coma. She laughed, and I nervously laughed along because, dang, she was looking like a rock star and I had holes in my shirt. When all was said and done they showed me her before picture. She was a knockout to begin with, but the stylists have mad skills and she was looking model status.

Here are some of the images of Lilli’s after photoshoot with Stephanie

Blond woman, hairstylist, makeup stylist, getting makeup done

blond woman, makeup application, Indigo Salon

blond woman, makeover, Indigo Salon

blond woman, mommy makeover, makeover, Indigo SalonPizzeria Verita

To end the evening, Lilli took her new look out on a date with her husband…and her kids (as sitters are hard to come by sometimes).  After having been stationed in Italy for 3 years while her husband served in the Air Force, this was Lilli’s verdict on Pizzeria Verita’s authenticity.

This pizza was absolutely authentic after having been in Italy for a time.  It was so delicious that my oldest son ate an entire pizza by himself!

woman, blond woman, eating, eating dinner, eating pizza, Pizzeria Verita

blond woman, makeover, Indigo Salon

Thank you again to MiniSpa VT, Indigo Salon, and Pizzeria Verita!  We could not have made any of this happen without your continued support.  Stay tuned as another Mommy Makeover is coming your way in March! 



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