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I had no idea how hard it was to find a great daycare/preschool option, especially if you are looking in the middle of the year, but I recently discovered this as I was looking for a place to send my 2.5 year old a couple mornings a week so I could get some work done at home. I called place after place, and either there was a wait list (because I was contacting in the middle of the year) or I wasn’t all that impressed with the place itself. I was finding myself getting pretty discouraged.

Then I discovered Kid Logic through one of our writers, Stacie.

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Her twin boys go there and she was telling me how amazing it was and how much she loved the director of the school. I decided to check it out even though it wasn’t in my ideal location (we were hoping to stay in the downtown area because of my husband’s work location). I scheduled a tour and was immediately impressed with Crystal, the director. I could tell as we talked that she was incredibly passionate about what she does and creating a wonderful environment for not only the kids, but the staff as well. She has a passion for teaching, mentoring, and supporting families and children in early education and care.

Kid Logic Learning’s mission is to provide a positive, encouraging environment where children feel free to express themselves openly, and explore their world to its fullest. They seek to  maintain high quality standards for teachers, children and their families and they offer a great balance of structure, enrichment, and a curriculum for the whole child with nurturing, qualified, and licensed teachers.

Their philosophy of education is built on:

*Preparing children to be school ready: a sense of self, social skills, friendship and respect

*Recognizing each child’s uniqueness: creative expression, feelings, problem solving, and an environment of positive energy

*Exploring the world around us: cultures, our planet, and healthy living

*Enriching all children’s lives through relationships, art, music, fitness, and nature

*Stimulating minds for growth and development: Cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical

*To provide support: building relationships with families, teachers, school community, and resources

Their school building is filled to the brim with the kid’s art projects and anytime you visit you can peek in and see some type of hands on fun going on in one of the classrooms. Whether its making banana bread, washing dishes, completing a science project, or building a tower, you are bound to see a room full of kids having lots of fun as they learn!

KidLogic collage

They have a great outdoor play space, but they also have a wide, open indoor play space that is great for those rainy or super cold days.

Kid Logic play space

Kid Logic Learning has programs for children from 1 to 10 years of age:

1 year old classroom
2 year old classroom
Bridge classroom 33 months and up
Half Day Am and Pm class Preschool
Full Day Preschool
Pre Kindergarten
Afterschool Program
Summer Camp ages 6 to 10 years

There’s an option for everyone! 

My daughter’s first day was filled with making new friends, baking a mini apple pie, making and painting a paper bag pumpkin, circle time, and singing and dancing. She. loved. it. Like “couldn’t pull her away to leave” kind of loved it. And her second day was just as exciting. It is so reassuring to know that when you leave your child somewhere that you know they are being taken care of and nurtured.

Here is Stacie’s thoughts on her experience with Kid Logic:

Clark and Dean are the youngest kids at Kid Logic and everyone has been so sweet to them. My boys are learning so much ever day and they truly love their teacher Ms. Melissa and all of the other teachers. I know they are well taken care of and aren’t just being babysat – they are being taught and cared for in the same way I would care for them. We are lucky to have found Kid Logic and I know my kids will be better people because of it.

So, are you still looking for a great option for your little one when it comes to daycare or preschool? Contact Crystal today to set up your tour and see this great place for yourself!

*BurlingtonVT Moms Blog received compensation for this post, but the opinions expressed are entirely our own. 


  1. My boys attend kidlogic learning and we love crystal so much we followed her from her previous location! My kids feel love and safety all day while we are away. They come home having had numerous activities throughout the day and I LOVE they fact that every class has art with Miss Kate! All the teachers at kidlogic are A+++++++++


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