J Silverman Photography Review and Giveaway!

Johanna of J Silverman Photography is currently a Vermont based photographer specializing in family, newborn, maternity, pet, and wedding photography. Her style could be described as “photo journalistic”; she enjoys capturing people’s true personalities with candid and spontaneous photo sessions. There is always “posing” involved in a photo session, but she truly loves capturing those candid moments between poses!
Her first camera was a Nikon 35mm that was given to her by her father for her 15th birthday. He was an avid photographer who loved Formula One racing, so his photographs were mainly of…racing and of course more sensational photographs of racing accidents. She was captivated by the way the camera could capture specific moments in people’s lives and portray these people’s feelings and emotions. Over the years she’s had different careers, moved from country to country, but one thing that has remained constant is her love of photography.
We had the privilege of Johanna taking family portraits for two of our writers- Christin and Heather. Their reviews and beautiful images are below!

Christin’s Review

We met down at the Burlington waterfront on what turned out to be a wickedly windy day. Johanna came laid back and friendly and clicking away as unobtrusively as if she were the tail of a kite just along for the ride. I’m a terrible subject for a photo shoot.  Self conscious and annoyingly apologetic in front of the camera, I find it difficult to “be natural” which, as everyone can agree, is what makes a great photo. Nevertheless, Johanna had such a natural way about her that pretty soon we calmed down and just did our thing, allowing her to capture some beautiful shots. 

maternity photo, pregnancy, maternity photo shoot

family photo, family photo session, family picture on the rocks

When I needed some direction she made suggestions, but mostly she followed the whims and wishes of my completely uninhibited children-a good way to make the most of a photo shoot. I appreciated her flexibility as well as her ability to make the most of the short time we had together. We came with time constraints, but she constantly took pictures ensuring we had the most options for the time spent. If there was a word that combined efficiency and fluidity I would use it here-it was a perfect marriage of the two.

Family photo, family photo shoot, Family picture on rocks, family picture by a lake

family photo shoot, kids laughing, maternity photo shoot, maternity photo, kids and their mom

More than anything, we love how the photos turned out. It is a real feat to get the four of us in the same camera frame and these are pictures that will go with us a lifetime. 

family photo session, little girl and her mom, mommy and me photo session, red haired girl

Heather’s Review

After what seemed like weeks of having to reschedule (all of which was my fault), my family and I finally met Johanna at Shelburne Farms for an early morning  photo shoot. I had spent entirely too much time trying to figure out what we should all wear for the pictures…should we be all matchy-matchy with our clothes? Could i wear white jeans if it wasn’t yet memorial day? Why did I even own a pair of white jeans? What about the wind coming off of the lake? What about “bat in the cave” boogers hanging off my kids noses? In the end none of this mattered. 

Johanna has a very casual, hands-off approach to taking photos. After we met and introduced ourselves we were off to various locations for the session. I hardly noticed Johanna was taking pictures if it weren’t for the quiet click of her camera as we wandered around the grounds of Shelburne Farms. Her style is quiet, unobtrusive, and respectful. She also didn’t request that we have too many “posed” pictures..something that I enjoy when getting my picture taken. Her photo journalistic technique captured moments that one doesn’t normally get when making everyone sit and pose for a picture. For example, my six year old has a smile that could make any grumpy person feel sweet inside…but you can only see it when he knows you’re not watching him. Johanna captured a few of those gems. 

little girl, toddler, smiling toddler, mom and daughter photo

Family photo, Shelburne Farms family photo, family photo by Lake Champlain

She also managed to capture some wonderful moments between Henry and Ruby. As Ruby starts to develop her own personality that is not just being “a baby” Henry is now enjoying his interactions with her more. I loved that Johanna nonchalantly swooped in to grab a few of those moments. She also didn’t try and make the kids smile when they were grumpy. I can only imagine a photographer has a big job ahead of them when the kids are cranky. I liked that she just let them be kids and didn’t try to make them out to be perfect angels.

Father and son photo, family photo

brother and sister photo, family photo, brother and sister

That morning at Shelburne Farms was very special for me. Lately I find that we don’t do too many things as a family. Or rather, we do things as a family, but we’re not really experiencing them together. That morning we got to just be one little group. There wasn’t much whining, I wasn’t rushing to “do” something, and I’m pretty sure neither my husband nor I uttered the words, “don’t do that” to either child.  And the best part?  We got most of those moments captured on camera by Johanna.  If you’re looking for a photographer who is kind, gentle in spirit, and is talented to capture the every day moments in her photo journalistic style, then Johanna is the one for you.  Thanks Johanna. 

Ruby JS Photography 2

Heather family photo

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  1. I would love to win this! The last time we had professional pics done i was pregnant with my four year old. So we have never had a full family portrait. Would love to capture family barefoot moments by Lake Champlain.

  2. these are beautiful pictures! I wouldn’t really have a preference on location; just somewhere outside on a nice day 🙂

  3. I have never gotten professional photos done with my twin toddlers! Would love something really natural in the natural beauty of Vermont!

  4. I would love to have some photos done. With three little ones I feel like there’s never even time to breathe much less book a shoot. This
    Would be so awesome!

  5. I am ready for an update of family photos! We love the outdoors and I see our family photos taking place near or on the lake possibly on a rocky (but safe : ) ) area.

  6. Our family has NEVER had a professional picture taken together. This would be fantastic and since I am expecting our newest child in August this would be the an even better time to capture.

  7. Great Photos! We need a family photo session. My daughter is 9 and we just had our third. Haven’t had a family photo session yet. Tried to get one with Jordan Silverman, but he moved out of town.

  8. I would love the chance to have a session like this with our family. We are expecting baby boy #2 in August, and it would be amazing to have some newborn photos, as well as sibling and family photos. I’d love to be on/near the waterfront, possibly North beach or by the boathouse, somewhere with some shade, and during the evening when it cools off would be nice. A sunset would be lovely too!

  9. We haven’t had a real family photo taken in about two years- I would love the opportunity to have our family photographed near the Williston bike path where we spend lots of our time.


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