A Preschool Apart


There was a day I thought I could never leave him in the care of someone else. He was born far from family except the two that made him, and every intention I had of going back to work was muffled by the force of need I heard in his cries. So I stayed with him to crazy extents-in bed, hanging from my body wrapped like a Native American papoose, in the tub, holding hands in the car, through entangled emotions that sometimes I had trouble separating.

He turned three and someone said the word Preschool to me. It sounded harsh like some kind of theft. My first thought was, “not yet. He isn’t ready. I’m not ready.” But like a short sighted child unaware that releasing a bird to fly is a more powerful gift than protecting it tightly in hand, I began my preschool investigation reluctantly.

I’ll spare you the details of our search so I can tell you where we landed: BTC Preschool with JoAnn Wolter. JoAnn has been leading the preschool program at the technical center connected to Burlington High School. Some of the parents in Jude’s class were even students in her preschool class at one time!

This is a unique learning environment where juniors and seniors who are learning about child development are paired one on one with a child for the course of the semester. At the end of the year the preschooler takes home a binder with photos and descriptions of how they developed over the year. The program is fun, full of experiential learning, and developed to prepare 3-4 year olds for kindergarten.

The careful community JoAnn has built there is surprising; the environment of empathy and respect, unusual. My son has thrived beyond my expectations and I will always consider the decision to send him there one of the best things I have done for him.

If you are looking for a special place to send our child to preschool, spots are open at BTC Preschool. JoAnn is available for interviews and class tours, just give her a call!

BTC Preschool offers an exciting learning environment for preschoolers and high school students.   There are three sessions available, all running on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule; all enabling your child to experience a fun, educational, and high quality preschool experience.

AM   9:30 – 11:30   $600.00/year
PM  12:00 – 2:00   $500.00/year
Lunch Bunch  9:30 – 2:00   $1200.00/year

Please call JoAnn Wolter at 864-8422
or email at [email protected]
for more information

*Scholarships are available to eligible families.


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