Into the Unknown


This is the first time that I have used a blog.  I can safely say this is not something I had ever thought of doing before.   One thing that has been a constant in life is jumping into the unknown.  Most of the “jumping into unknown” have been great experiences.   So, here I go jumping into the unknown of blogging.

I grew up on an island in Maine.  All the islanders lived a pretty simple life.  The dad’s worked as lobsterman and most of the women were stay at home moms.  Except my mom.  She was a working mother before it became the norm.  I come from a long line of woman who could be described as not following the normal beat of life.  Strong willed and doing what needs to be done to care for a family is how I would describe them in a nut shell.  Needless to say that kind of gene pool has made life interesting.


I am the eldest mom you will hear from on the blog(so far anyway).  I am married to an awesome man who I raised four children with.  My children Emily, Ben, Jacob and Hope range in age from 22-30. They have all left the nest and are living out their dreams.  The empty nest syndrome lasted about 2 days.  Then the thought came to me; I can start doing all the things I had put aside while focusing on raising my children.

I have two labs, Liddy and Rosie and a cat named Kimba.  Love those animals.  My children told me that I would get a new pet every time one of them left home.  Not true(but almost).  I work full-time as a Registered Nurse in high risk obstetrics.  Prior to this job I spent most of my nursing career helping women to bring their babies into the world and teaching them about caring for newborns.

My husband Brian and I moved to Vermont in 1999.  He took a job as a youth pastor in a small town in central Vermont.  Then we moved into the Burlington area in 2003. It was a dream come true when we came to Vermont.  As a kid I spent alot of summer vacation in the Northeast Kingdom with family on their farm.  The mountains were a magical place then and I still see them that way now.

I hope to share some of my nursing experience from labor and delivery, talk about life from the perspective of a mother of adult children and the new experience of becoming a grandmother in May of 2013.    Please feel free to comment or ask questions that may come to mind while reading.  Phew! first entry done.  Wasn’t as scary as I had anticipated.


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  1. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother. I can tell you from experience that it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. I have 2 grandsons. My daughter was living away from VT when she was pregnant and delivered my first grandson. I missed seeing her changing from a wife to a wife and mother. But she lives closer now and for the second grandson I got a chance to experience it all.
    I look forward to your writings as a mother of adult children.


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