I Like Buying from Direct Sales Consultants, and You Should Too


As I look around my home, I can’t help but notice all the things that bring me joy: Scrumptiously soft, brightly colored clothing, fabulously lightweight eco-friendly jewelry, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, and coordinating sets of travel bags and utility totes.

I’m proud to say that I’ve purchased the majority of them from my friends. The wonderful thing about purchasing from Direct Sales consultants is that each one of these items also has a name behind it.

I see Jessica, Amber, Emily, Cha, Leah and Laura. I love that when someone asks me about my vibrant leggings or my delicious smelling lotion, I can say I got them from Kristen instead of saying I got them from [insert big box store here] and that I’ve had a part in supporting their small business.

Direct sales business productsDirect Sales is quickly growing as a reputable way to make an income.

It is especially appealing to moms because of the flexibility with the kiddo’s schedules, low start-up costs, and the ability to work from home. The option to put in the amount of effort personally desired, the opportunity to be a part of something fulfilling and the potential to gain leadership skills also attract moms to the independent consultant game.  From supplements, fitness programs and skin care, to handbags, jewelry and makeup, the possibilities abound for having a legitimate side gig. Having dabbled in Direct Sales since I was in college, about 15 years ago, I can attest to the benefits of participating in these at-home businesses. The reasons vary for partaking in Direct Sales but all are genuine. Maybe it’s a love of the product or the desire for a discount because you know it’s something you will purchase regularly. Maybe it’s a way to bring in additional income to pay off debt or to save for a house. Regardless, most people who are in Direct Sales have chosen to be a part of a company that they feel passionately about- either the products, the mission of the company or its ability to empower people and change lives.

Personally, I find the process of hosting and participating in Direct Sales parties fun, and in the day of Facebook, it’s so easy to do!

I love to host parties online and in person for several reasons:jewelry and clothing purchased from direct sales consultants

  • The support I’m giving to the consultant; I want to help them further their business and connect them to new potential hostesses and if all it takes is an hour of my time, then I’m in!
  • I like to introduce my friends to new and exciting products!
  • I love the social aspect of getting together with friends, the conversation and the camaraderie of ogling awesome stuff together!
  • Most Direct Sales companies offer hostess rewards in the form of discounted and free products. If you’re hosting a party for a company that you love, this is a great opportunity for you to save money on your purchases.

The same benefits can be said for participating in these parties as a customer. Your involvement supports another woman in her effort to provide for herself and her family, you’re exposed to fabulous products, you help the hostess earn rewards and you have the opportunity to socialize with friends.

One of the reasonWith my mentor and friend at Coach Summits I love being an independent consultant is that some really amazing relationships can be made through participating in a Direct Sales or multilevel marketing business.

As a representative, it’s neat to be welcomed into a community of women who all love the products they’re selling and want you to be as successful as they are. Most businesses are set up in a team structure so you are with a group of women that you’re able to utilize to help you grow your business. These women become friends and mentors. I’m grateful to have met women who have become a wonderful support system in my life. I also have some great friendships with women that I’ve purchased goods from. Some of these women I’ve never met in person, but I care about their families and their success. It feels good to have a small part in helping to encourage and support them.

Because of these relationships and how they are tied to products I love, when I look around at the items in my home, I don’t just see the “stuff”. I think of the woman behind each item. I think of her family and how that month she was able to send her daughter to ballet lessons or how running her own business has afforded her the opportunity to take her family on vacations, pave her driveway or pay off her car. I see Melanie when I read to my children. I see Sarah when I put together an awesome outfit. I see Mannie when I’m working out. And, I see Katy when I put on my makeup. I’m always surrounded by my friends.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather give my money to my friends who are working to support their families than to that big box store that is padding the pockets of CEOs I know nothing about.

Knowing where my money is going is important to me and having a portion of it stay local or within the pockets of my friends is imperative. I’m making it a goal this year to do the majority of my holiday shopping through my friends who own Direct Sales businesses, because it’s valuable to me to be supporting them in their endeavors. Lovely dresses for sale through an independent direct sales stylist

So, let me make this request of you- next time you’re invited to a home party, next time you see a facebook event or group pop up in your feed and the next time you’re asked to host: think about the women behind those invitations and consider not just the product but the person. These women don’t just want to “sell you something” as the unfortunate stigma assumes. These women are working their butts off to better themselves and provide for their families. Your participation is the tangible product of your support, and you get some pretty great products too!

If you’re interested in connecting with local mom-preneurs and having a great night out, check out the upcoming Mom’s Night Out event coming up or our Guide to Consultant-run Businesses in Vermont.

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Betsey is a native Vermonter who grew up in Williston but now resides in Essex Jct. with her Husband, Jeremy, her 7-year-old Daughter, Rachel, and 2-year-old son, Jaxon. She has an undergraduate degree from Champlain College in Criminal Justice, but quickly realized she had a heart for nursing. She went on to earn her LPN and most recently her RN, both from Vermont Technical College. Betsey was honored to represent Vermont as Mrs. Vermont International 2013 where she advocated for Breast Cancer Awareness. She continues to be proactive about cancer awareness as a committee member for Cocktails Curing Cancer, a fabulous local non-profit fundraising event. While her days are mostly spent chasing after her spunky toddler and playing dolls with her daughter, She still finds time to do the things she enjoys: reading, searching for and putting together the perfect outfit, her slight obsession with Disney, and singing on worship team at her church to praise God for all the grace and blessings he’s given her!


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