10 Signs I Live With a Toddler


My daughter recently turned two and is in the midst of being a full on toddler.  

My husband and I are amazed by the incredible progress we see in her daily.  The amount she grows and learns and the new words she says.  It is sometimes crazy to me that I created and grew this person inside me and now here she is:  A tiny human coming into her own person. 

toddler sitting at table

I feel like everyone wants to tell you about the awe and amazement of seeing this tiny human develop into a person but they leave out what it is like to actually live with a toddler.  A toddler is the roommate you would not have wanted at college.  Childproofing takes on a whole new meaning when you have a person who can get into everything but doesn’t understand the concept of danger and you have to guess what she may or may not want to get into.  So now, even if I sent my daughter away to a babysitter, you would walk into my house and immediately know that I live with a toddler.

However, even with all this amazement, awe, and learning, she is still a little kid and with that comes both toddler behavior and an entire  lifestyle devoted to living around a toddler.  

Here are ten signs you know I am living with a toddler:

  1. My weekday breakfasts consist of PB&J sandwich crusts and whatever fruit she doesn’t finish for breakfast. I eat “breakfast” while packing my toddler’s lunch for daycare
  2. My pantry is filled with Annie’s bunny-shaped everything.  If you are a toddler mom, I am sure you are familiar with Annie’s

  3.  All my cupboards look like this: 
    childproof cabinet
  4.  And my doors: childproof doorknob
  5.  And our outlets: childproof outlet
  6. have a box full of various sippy- and straw cups because I never know which type and more importantly which color/character/design she might want to drink her milk out of
  7. Toilet paper is not on the roll.  This is not because anyone is too lazy, but because we keep it out of her reach
  8. My bathroom drawers are empty and everything is on the counter out of reach
  9. I have 10 episodes of Mickey Mouse Club saved on my DVR because should she want to watch it and Disney Jr has the audacity to not have it on 24-hours a day, all hell could break loose
  10. The phrase “you can see how that would be confusing” comes out of my mouth at least 5 times a day.  Example:
    • Me: Do you want cereal?
    • Toddler: No
    • Me: Do you want a banana?
    • Toddler: No
    • (Continues for list of 10 other food items…)
    • Me: Well what would you like?
    • Toddler: Cereal!
    • Me: Well you can see how it would be confusing when I ask if you want cereal and you say no but you mean yes
    • Toddler: [death stare]

I’m sure one day I will look back and miss these days.

mother and daughter hugging

After all, one day she will be a teenage girl and I will be longing for the days of Annie’s bunny shaped macaroni and cheese.  (Although are you ever too old for bunny shaped pasta?)

What are ways your life has changed with a toddler in the house?


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