Why it is Important to Make Time for Humor Every Day


Flash back to my bridal shower: My bridesmaids have put together a list of questions, asked my (now) husband to answer them, and are testing me on his answers. Each question I get wrong, I have to put another piece of bubble gum in my mouth. I’ve already got 5 pieces of gum (FIVE!!!) in my mouth and I’m about to get another question wrong. The question is: “What is Anthony’s favorite part of your personality?” I didn’t even have to think about it. “MY SENSE OF HUMOR!!” I yelled, overjoyed that I would get at least one question right. “Ummm, no,” said Danielle. “He said ‘her kindness.’” And what did I say in that moment? “What a jerk!” And everyone burst out laughing. It turned out, when I asked my (now) husband later that day, that he randomly chose answers to the questions. I definitely rolled my eyes in that moment, but thinking back now, it makes me chuckle.

In my opinion, having a good sense of humor these days is more valuable than ever before.

I’m not gonna lie: I can be way too serious sometimes. I have always been a Type-A personality, have always had a big to-do list, and now that I’m a mom, I struggle daily to accomplish short-term goals. Too often, I spend my driving time mentally running through tasks that I have to complete, and sometimes, it’s hard to relax after 30 minutes of traffic and to-do lists. Luckily, I live with the funniest person I know: my husband.

sense of humor, fun, funny, family laughing
My husband, being a goofball during a family photo.

My favorite thing about my husband, Anthony, is his sense of humor. Pretty much any conversation with him includes at least a few movie quotes, some impressions, or just a goofy expression here and there. One thing we have in common is the ability to find humor in otherwise unfunny situations, and in some ways, I think we have our own private language because of it. Of course, if an outsider were to read a transcript of a typical dinner conversation between us, there would probably be some raised eyebrows and looks of confusion, but I assure you, much of the humor lies in the delivery.

What kind of things make us laugh? Here’s a little insight into our sense of humor:

#1 – Puns

First of all, I’ll tell you: I’m a grammar nerd. I love grammar so much that I’m taking a class on it as part of my Applied Linguistics Master’s program. I’m way more into puns than Anthony is, but we both know he enjoys them, too. Puns are just dorky enough to get the classic eye roll from our 11-year-old niece, which just may be why we do them. Food puns are the best. Lettuce turnip the beet. Donut worry, be happy. Dill with it. I’m soy into you. I don’t wanna taco about it. Ok, I know. Cue the eye roll.

#2 – Autocorrect Fails

My day will be going along just fine, sending messages here and there, and suddenly, along comes autocorrect to throw a wrench into the gears. Sometimes, it’s no biggie, but sometimes, it’s conversation-altering.

Here are just a few things I blame auto-correct for:

  • This unfortunate message I sent to my mother-in-law: 

    sense of humor, humor, autocorrect, funny, text message
    It’s a good thing my mother-in-law also has a good sense of humor.
  • I was chatting with my friend Nat just hours after our son was born, and was telling her about being on meds for Strep B.

    autocorrect, humor, sense of humor, text message
    Autocorrect strikes again.
  • Lastly, my phone continues to auto-correct “yep” to “yeti.” Every time. I can’t imagine why, since I’ve never had the occasion to use “yeti” in a conversation. I mean, come on, Moto G. Seriously. We’ve known each other for like a year.

#3 – TV & Movie Quotes

We love, “The Office,” the movie, “I Love You, Man,” “Bridesmaids,” literally anything with Kristin Wiig in it, and anything that involves remotely awkward humor. As I mentioned before, we do a lot of movie quoting in this house, and I doubt we’ve really had a full conversation without movie quotes. One time, I said something that reminded my husband of Lo-Pan from Big Trouble, Little China, and we’ve been repeating that one for at least a year.

#4 – Song/TV/Movie Parodies

We’ve been a fan of Weird Al’s parodies for at least half our lives. His parody of “Ridin’ Dirty” (which is called, “White ‘n Nerdy”) is one of our favorites, but we also enjoy recent parodies like SNL’s, “Hobbit Office.” My husband also creates his own song parodies, which get into my head and then I can’t remember the real words.

#5 – Impressions

Both of us do impressions. My husband mostly does impressions of TV/movie stars. I’m a big fan of impressions that involve accents, British accents especially. But, as much as I love doing accents, my favorite thing to do may or may not be impressions of my co-workers. (Shhh…)

sense of humor, fun, funny, man and infant laughing
My husband having lots of fun with our son.

#6 – Misunderstandings

Have you read the post about the woman who mistook a handbag for a dog? I laughed for days about this one.

#7 – Absurd Situations

Sometimes in life, there are moments that are so far beyond ridiculous that you just have to laugh. Like when our health insurance company announced they could not discuss my son’s medical history with me because he had not signed a written waiver. He was, by the way, nursing (and only three months old) while I was on the phone with the insurance company.

With all that is going on in our hectic daily lives, I think we have got to make time for humor. I will forever remember the (clearly handmade) poster in my health teacher, Mrs. Gillis’ classroom that read, “Laughter is the lubricant of life.” While that wording continues to make me cringe, the sentiment really is true.

Laughter produces endorphins, lifts the spirit, and brings light to dark days.



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