Top Six Products from Danish Woolen Delight to Keep Kids Warm!


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The leaves are changing and the air is getting crisp, we all know what that means…winter is coming! In anticipation of the cold weather, we put together our Top Six Products from Danish Woolen Delight to help keep your kids warm!

Top 6 Products to Keep Kids Warm from Danish Woolen Delight 1. The Balaclava

Danish Wool Bacalava keeps kids warm.

These balaclavas are like gold! They give warmth, yet breathe to maintain a comfortable temperature. The wool absorbs moisture so even when it’s damp you feel warm, dry, and comfortable. You and your kids will be able to enjoy winter fun for hours without worrying about wet heads and cold ears!

2. Pullover Vest

Danish Woolen Vest

We know that bulky jackets on our little ones while they are in their car seats are unsafe. These vests are a great way to add a warm layer without creating the unsafe bulk that winter jackets can. Pair with a warm blanket (see #4!) over top of them once they are buckled in and they will stay nice and toasty in the car!

3. Lanacare Baby Suit

danish Wool Babysuit

It can be so hard to find something to keep the littlest Vermonters warm without creating bulk! These overall baby suits are slightly felted for extra durability, have snap closures, and the hands & feet can be flipped closed or open as built-in mittens & booties! No need to buy multiple winter layering pieces on hand when you have one of these! These are great for keeping babies warm and safe in their car seat as well! (Just be sure they are tight fitting with no fabric bunching.)

4. Blankets

Danish Woolen blanket wrapped around baby.

There is nothing like a cozy blanket on a chilly night. The Lanacare Baby & Toddler Blankets are so soft! These blankets are made of soothingly soft, KbT-Certified organic wool, meeting Europe’s highest standards for organic textiles. But don’t get jealous, they also have a Grown Up Blanket that is perfect for Mom and Dad too!

5. Baby Carrier Blanket

Danish Wool Baby carrier blanket

The Baby Carrier Blanket is just what babywearing mamas need for winter!  It includes a hood to cover baby’s head & fitted legs to neatly & safely fit within the infant carrier, while still giving baby freedom of movement.  Slightly felted wool gives durability & extra warmth against cold winds.  Perfect for transporting between car & home, without the need for excessive bundling!

6. Woolen Long Underwear

Danish Wool Long Underwear keeps kids warm!

These long underwear for kids are a must-have for the cold winters in Vermont! No need to worry about bulky layers that kids loathe, these soft wool undergarments will keep your kids warm and toasty with no bulk! Perfect for under Halloween costumes and ski gear! And yes, again, don’t be jealous, they come in adult sizes too!

Winter looks a little more fun when you have the kids, and yourself, bundled up just right.  Get a head start on winter prep now by taking advantage of the below discount just for BVTMB readers!

Danish Woolen Delight discount ad

We’ll see you outside!


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