How To Prevent Head Lice Naturally


It came. The dreaded email that makes parents across the country itch at the mere sight of the subject line:

Someone in your child’s classroom has lice.

It wasn’t until I found this very simple way to prevent head lice naturally that I gave up plans of head shaving, homeschooling, and fleeing the country. I may have a tendency to overreact but when it comes to BUGS IN MY KID’S HAIR, overreaction is necessary.

Lice detest the smell of tea tree oil so the prevention is quite simple, wash their hair with tea tree oil shampoo!

I have found that even using the shampoo once a week helps. You can also mix several drops of the tea tree oil into your regular shampoo. Do use caution when using tea tree oil, however, it can cause irritation on sensitive skin and you definitely do not want to get it in anyone’s eyes!

head lice, natural remedies

Another simple prevention is to mix several drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle of water and give your kids’ hair a spritz before sending them off to infestation land, I mean, school.

I have heard that you can also use tea tree oil for getting rid of a lice infestation, including using it in treating your laundry, but we haven’t had to use it for treatment yet!

Other tips for preventing lice are:

  • Use separate combs for everyone in the family.
  • Send your kids to school with dirty hair! Lice love nice clean hair. Be sure to use some sort of product in your kid’s hair every day. I have heard that morracon oil works perfectly!
  • Use a hot blow dryer on the head daily. If nits don’t get the chance to attach to the scalp, they will die. Running a hot blow dryer on the head will disrupt them!
  • Educate your kids about how lice is spread. Having lots of conversations about not sharing hats and coats with their friends will do wonders for prevention. Also be sure to teach your kids how to treat their classmates who may have lice. No one likes to be teased, and head lice is not always a cleanliness issue. We are all at risk for contracting the nasty bugs, so let’s be sure to teach our kids to respond nicely about it!

What ways do you prevent and treat lice in your home?


*Please note, this is simply mom advice and not a medical claim. If you are concerned about head lice or any of the advice given above, please seek the care of a physician.


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