Horseback Riding – A Great Outdoor Activity for the Whole Family


Horseback riding has been on my bucket list for a long time.

Every year, I keep saying that I will finally go horseback riding, but I keep making excuses. This year, I decided that my whole family deserved a treat for making it through the pandemic. One of my kids was hesitant at first, but everyone really enjoyed themselves once we got going. My daughter asked if we could go horseback riding again as soon as she got off the horse.

safe horseback riding

Make a reservation.

Stables all have different hours of operation and different levels of staffing on any particular day. There is nothing worse than getting your kids excited to go horseback riding and then getting to the stables and realizing they are already booked for the day. Plus, you won’t have to wait around if you have a reservation. If you have any questions, you can get answers while you’re on the phone making reservations.

Discuss safety rules with your children.

When you get to the stables, you will have to sign a long waiver. Some of the safety guidelines include not yelling while on horseback. Children will need to wear a helmet, while they are optional for adults. The stables should provide the helmets and make sure that they fit correctly. They will also make sure that the saddle and tack are properly adjusted.

Dress appropriately.

Wear long pants. Shorts can cause chafing. Wear closed-toe shoes that will stay securely on your feet. Don’t wear big pieces of jewelry that will bounce around. Not only will that be uncomfortable, but your horse may not like the sound it makes. Also, since you will be outside, make sure to wear sunscreen, bug spray, and sunglasses. If adults choose not to wear a helmet, they should wear a sun hat.

Have fun on horseback!

You will get basic instructions on how to manage your horse, such as pulling the reins to the side to get the horse to turn. Most of the time, the horses will just follow the guide horse. On my family’s horseback excursion, the guide went first, and the kids and then the adults followed along, all in a line. We went at a slow walking pace, which felt very safe. My children were a bit wary of being so high off the ground at first, but they got used to the feeling very quickly. We also enjoyed seeing lots of wildlife while we were riding, including a raccoon and a mama red squirrel carrying her baby.

Don’t miss out on the fun. Try horseback riding with your family this year!

My family went to Lajoie Stables in Jeffersonville. They offer horseback riding year-round, along with sleigh rides in the winter. There are many stables that offer horseback riding all over Vermont. It’s a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery!


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Horseback Riding - A Great Outdoor Activity for the Whole Family



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