Homemade Ice Tea Lemonade


ice teaSince I gave up soda and sugary drinks long ago, I mostly drink water or polar seltzer now. However, some hot summer days you just want something else. Since I’m pregnant and have Gestational Diabetes, it has to be low carb and non-alcoholic.  I was craving some ice tea lemonade, but one popular brand I checked had a whopping 27grams of sugar in only 8oz. That just wasn’t going to work with my gestational diabetes or my health goals!

So I decided to make my own!!



First use 4-5 black tea bags, with 6-8oz boiling water and brew let brew while you prepare the other ingredients, about 10 minutes.



Then add ¾ -1 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice. I got this amount from 5 small lemons. You can add more for a stronger lemon flavor.



While you can make it totally unsweetened, I choose to use about ¼ cup of honey.  This cuts the sugar/carb content down drastically. As much as half (or more) than that of the store bought brand, depending on your serving size. First remove your tea bags and then add your honey. Stir it well at this point to mix and dissolve the honey.



Then fill your pitcher to the top with cold water. Refrigerate to cool and when you’re ready, fill your glass with ice, pour and enjoy! Preferably on your deck in the sunshine! My husband likes it and MJ does too! I’ll use decaf tea if MJ is drinking it though.



What non-alcoholic summer drinks are you enjoying?



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