My Favorite Local Products at Healthy Living and a Giveaway


Here at BVTMB we love local businesses and local products. We knew from the beginning that we wanted to be about supporting as many of these businesses and products as we could, and we truly are lucky to live in a state with SO many of them!

I love when I can walk into a store and know that I can find some of my favorite local products all in one place, and that is one of the many reasons I love to shop at Healthy Living! So when we, as a blog, were presented with the opportunity to form a partnership with this fabulous local business, we jumped at the chance!

Healthy Living

We will be bringing you lots of fun content, giveaways and more, and we are kicking it all off with a list of my top 12 favorite local products that YOU can find on the shelves of Healthy Living and giving you a chance to win some of them! What are your favorite local products??

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1. Besteyfield Farm Eggs

HL eggs

Our family loves eggs. We have them almost every morning, and I definitely feel like I can be a bit of an egg snob. I can tell the difference between farm fresh eggs and your typical, store bought egg. There is nothing like cracking open a beautiful, farm fresh egg and seeing that dark yellow yolk and knowing you are getting great nutrients. These eggs from Besteyfield Farm in the Intervale are delicious and definitely a top pick for our family!

2. Vermont Baby baby food

HL baby food 2

Maggie (my 11 month old) has been slow to take to whole foods and we have been using a lot of baby food as she becomes acclimated to different tastes and textures. She loves Vermont Baby baby food; particularly the spinach and pears. And I love that it is not only local, but made from organic ingredients. Win!

3. Red Hen Baking Co. Bread


Our family also loves bread. Really loves bread. And I love browsing the bread are at Healthy Living…so many delicious options! I often gravitate towards the Red Hen Baking Co. and chose this ciabatta bread on my last trip.  Perfect as a side for the potato and kale soup that we had for dinner.

4. Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter

HL butter

Ah, butter. Another family favorite. And not just any kind of butter. Just like eggs, I’m kind of a butter snob. Our family often uses Kerry Gold grass-fed butter on just about everything, but we also love the Vermont Creamery cultured butter. It’s great for sauteing vegetables!

5. Cellars at Jasper Hill Cheddar Cheese

HL cheese

The cheese section at Healthy Living is truly amazing. Even though it is relatively small compared to the rest of the store, I can get lost in it just browsing all the different options. One of my favorites that I’ve tried recently is the Cellars at Jasper Hill cheddar cheese. It’s got a slightly nutty flavor and is so delicious. Nora, my three year old, likes to eat it by the chunk with her grapes.

6. Two Guys in Vermont Chunky Garden Tomato Soup

HL soup

Once you try this soup by Two Guys in Vermont, you won’t be able to go back to the Campbell’s Tomato Soup. This stuff is AMAZING! I love that it is a bit chunky and the flavors are amazing. My favorite is to serve this up with a classic grilled cheese.

7. Honey Blossom Sugar Body Polish by Flourish Natural Body Care and Vermont Bee Balm Orange Lip Balm

HL body care

Our team loves Flourish Body Care. I personally use their Lemongrass shampoo and conditioner, and their lip balm is a favorite of mine. But I was just recently able to try out their sugar body polish and I fell in love. Their honey blossom sent is heavenly and I like that the scrub isn’t too abrasive but does a beautiful job of getting rid of dry skin. I always have to have a lip balm on hand, especially during winter. Nora has watched me put on so much lip balm that now she begs to put it on too. Vermont Bee Balm Orange Lip Balm has a wonderful scent and goes on smooth…we all love it!

8. Vermont Cookie Love “Puppy Love” Cookie Dough

HL cookie dough

I couldn’t leave Healthy Living without getting a yummy treat for the fam. And my go to yummy treat is Vermont Cookie Love cookie dough. Seriously amazing. Their “Puppy Love” cookies don’t last long in our house…peanut butter, chocolate chip- need I say more?!

9. Aqua Vitea Elderberry Kombucha

HL Kombucha

Kombucha is something that took awhile to grow on me, but I kept trying it because I knew how beneficial it was for me and essential for keeping a healthy gut. Shortly after we moved to Vermont I saw the Aqua Vitea Kombucha taps at Healthy Living and was excited to give this local product a try. I’ve enjoyed many of their flavors, but their elderberry kombucha is by far my favorite. It is SO delicious! If you are hesitant to try kombucha, I would definitely start with this flavor as the fermented flavor isn’t quite so overpowering.

10. Dried mango slices and chocolate chip granola from the bulk foods section

HL dry food

Nora and I love walking through the bulk section at Healthy Living. Many of the snacks that Nora eats throughout the week come from this section. Their dried mango slices and chocolate chip granola are two of our favorites. We love to top off our plain yogurt with the chocolate chip granola as a treat.

11. Jamtastic Four Berry Jam

HL jam

Along with eggs most mornings, I love to have a piece of toast with jam. Jamtastic Four Berry Jam has absolutely no added sugar and is so yummy!

12. 5 Knives Maple Bacon

HL bacon

This one is for my husband. He loves bacon, and this maple bacon from 5 Knives and Vermont Smoke and Cure is seriously delicious. I’m pretty sure the hubs would eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let him.

Ready for your chance to win some great local products of your own?? Enter the rafflecopter giveaway below for your chance to win a Flourish Natural Body Care sugar body polish and a Vermont Bee Balm orange lip balm!

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