Fun with Marshmallows: 3 Easy and Entertaining Activities for Kids


marshmallow fun

Lately, marshmallows are all the rage at our house.

Forget candy and cookies; my kids want marshmallows! I guess, like ice cream, marshmallows are the quintessential summer treat. I have fond memories enjoying marshmallows during the summer as a kid. Whether it was eating them plain, roasting them over a fire, or making s’mores with extra chocolate, I consumed my fair share of marshmallows during my childhood.

While I’m not against enjoying marshmallows as an occasional summertime treat, I wanted to take my children’s new found interest a little bit further. So, I did a little research and discovered a few fun and easy kid-friendly activities that feature marshmallows.

Marshmallow Building

Create shapes and build structures and bridges with miniature marshmallows and toothpicks. This activity is great for developing math skills and can be adapted to be more or less difficult depending on your child’s age.

Fun with Marshmallows 1

Marshmallow Launcher

What could be more fun than launching a few marshmallows across your backyard…or dining room! After my friend Tenille shared her DIY Marshmallow Sling Shot tutorial on her blog I knew we’d have to give it whirl.

Here’s a quick tutorial:

  1. Cut the bottom off a plastic or paper cup (I’ve read that yogurt containers work well, too).
  2. Tie a knot into an un-inflated balloon, and cut about a half inch off the other end of the balloon.
  3. Stretch the balloon over the cup, place a marshmallow inside and let ‘er rip (we’ve found miniature marshmallows get the most flight).
Fun with Marshmallows 2
A cardboard tube works well, too!

Marshmallow Art

Add a fun element to your next painting project by swapping out your paintbrushes and using marshmallows instead. Marshmallows can be used as a stamp to create caterpillars, flowers, balloons, rainbows, and more.

Fun with Marshmallows 3

What other crafts can you make with Marshmallows? Share them below!



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