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Thanks to a “Mom University” held by our local MOPS, my family has gotten into listening to kid friendly podcasts most of the time we are in the car. My daughter barely lets us pull out of the driveway before she says “Can we listen to a story?” We use the app Stitcher as we have androids, but if you have an Iphone you should have an app that is called Podcasts already installed!

My daughter loves to listen to books on tape, so moving on to story podcasts was a wonderful upgrade. New stories are uploaded all the time so we never get bored and you can even download some episodes if you anticipate times when you do not want to stream.

Sparkle stories: Kid friendly podcasts

Hands down our favorite podcast is Sparkle Stories. This podcast actually started in Vermont but now its content comes from Texas. The host’s voice is soothing without making you sleepy, no annoying popping p’s or other amateur audio problems, the theme music is catchy, and the stories are outstanding. They speak about real life problems and situations and bring them down to a very child friendly level. We ended up subscribing to Sparkle Stories where there are hundreds and hundreds of stories available. The fact that I subscribed is huge because I am usually a very frugal person when it comes to subscriptions and paid media content!

Stories podcast: a great way for kids to listen to stories


Another favorite is Stories Podcast. These are great stories that are updated weekly. The reader’s voice is very engaging and keeps your attention. The stories are a mix of retold classics and original stories.


Little Stories for Tiny People are adorable short stories that are great when you need just a 10 minute or so story. They are all original stories and the speaker encourages the listeners to really engage their imagination while they listen to her stories.


Storynory is a huge mix of original stories, folk and fairy tales, world stories, and more! Some of the stories are meant for older children and do not keep my 4 year old’s attention, but there are plenty of other stories that do! All the stories are read by professional actors in broadcast quality sound. After enduring some truly heinous, grating stories from not-to-be-named podcasts, this mama is so grateful that these kinds of beautifully produced podcasts exist.

 podcasts bedtime

Lastly, Story Time – Free Children’s bedtime stories for your kids, is a sweet little podcast based in England. Most of the stories are under 20 minutes as they are meant to be listened to before bedtime. The host will even shout out your child’s name if you leave a review on iTunes!

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