Fall Fashion: What’s On My Must Have List


Fall fashion is my jam. Yup, I just said that. I actually don’t think I’ve ever said that out loud and only ever thought it with a certain level of self-consciousness. Can moms say “jam” or does this date me? Is this the mom version of dad jokes? Then again, I’m writing this so I still technically didn’t say it out loud.

I don’t have a lot of requirements when it comes to my style, but I do have brands I prefer and I like to change my wardrobe seasonally. We do live in Vermont after all. The state of five seasons: summer, fall, winter, spring… and mud season. Fall fashion trends are absolutely open for interpretation, and I honestly believe they are such a personal pick, but I feel like any mom can agree with my following guidelines:

Fall Fashion MUST:

  1. Be comfortable. No one has time for clothes that sit awkwardly or feel off in all the wrong places.
  2. Allow one to move quickly with (or after) the kids. I don’t care if you have babies or teens, at one point or another you still need to move at a rapid pace to keep up with them and clothes should allow for that (goodbye high heels).
  3. Be easily transitioned between different settings and temperatures. I want that same outfit to be appropriate for work, for apple picking or hockey and ballet practice with the kids, and then dinner with the girls (who am I kidding? I’ll be home watching TV).

That’s it! When you really look at the big picture, I’m not asking for much from my wardrobe. As I mentioned though, I like to make seasonal changes.

I have a list of fall fashion trends that I personally refuse to wear, so I’m going to skip those. I also sort of apologize if they are trends that you love. I just don’t. These include things like:

  • Camo pattern anything
  • Scarves
  • Denim skirts
  • Turtleneck or cowl neck tops or dresses
  • And a few more…

I also have my fall fashion musts, and they make up incredible leaf peeping, apple picking, cider drinking, sports watching, and work appropriate outfits when combined. They can also make for incredible pieces to add to the rest of your wardrobe.


Like most, I love a good pair of denim jeans. My favorite pair is a high waisted (does wonders for my mom body) pair of skinny jeans that I can wear full length or rolled up. This pair of jeans is typically a darker wash so it transitions nicely from work to play, and also masks whatever mess the kids made that I might have sat in.

I’m fairly picky about my denim. I have designers I prefer, and would rather have one good pair of jeans than five that equal the cost of that pair. I save up for this very reason, and my current pair has lasted me 4 years, so the investment is worth it to me. I also need my denim to feel soft, and not stiff or bulky denim.

That perfect denim will pull together your outfit regardless of what look you are trying to achieve. It will dress down your boots or booties, and also dress up your sneakers a bit. Pair denim with mules and you achieve a look on a whole new level (just do it before the snow falls because nobody wants cold heels.)

denim, fall fashion, flat lay, clothing


A vest, much like a jacket, can set the tone for the rest of your outfit. Fall fashion is absolutely about layering as the mornings start out cool but can easily warm up midday. Vests aren’t overbearing and allow the outfit underneath to still be visible.

Now, you can also have fun with a vest. A puffy vest for warmth, a utility vest or denim vest for style or a fleece or faux fur vest for a little bit of both. Pair that puffy vest or utility vest with a flannel, and you just defined fall fashion in Vermont.

vests, booties, fall fashion, denim


Brand, fit and color aren’t what matters here. Comfort and versatility do. Wear your flannel tucked into your denim (fully or just one side). Wear that flannel with shorts (because we know there are those random warm fall days). Or my favorite is to wear it with a dress.

Gone are the days where flannel is only reserved for Fridays (hello #flannelfriday). The moment the crisp fall air returns is when I bring my flannels out. I actually wait for that moment all year.

flannel, fall fashion


I can’t stop wearing booties. I love feeling like my outfit has been dressed up a bit, but without the discomfort of a typical heel. Seriously, no stilettos or pumps for me!

booties, fall fashion, fall shoes, boots

Boots are huge for fall and even into winter, but for fall fashion specifically, I prefer the bootie. Ankle height, flat or all the way up to a several inch wedge, and they pair beautifully with jeans, a skirt, or a dress.


Now bear with me here and keep in mind I said joggers, not sweatpants. There is something about the tight fitting ankle that absolutely sets the jogger apart from its distant family member, sweatpants. This fits all my criteria except for work, but we’ll let that one slide.

Better yet, pair your flannel with the joggers. You laugh, but add some chucks on your feet and you’ll never be more comfortable.

flannel, joggers, fall fashion

Waxed Canvas Tote

I use a Vermont-based brand that I love, but any waxed canvas tote will do. This becomes multi-purpose quickly. It holds kids’ snacks, your wallet, sunglasses, keys, notes, mail, sometimes a shoe in my case, and those eight lip glosses you could have sworn you lost.

waxed canvas, fall fashion, tote bag

Best part of my top picks? As mentioned, each of these pieces will wear beautifully with other items in your closet. Wear them all together (well not the denim and joggers, but you know what I mean) and you’ve got the perfect fall outfit without even trying.

Is there more to fall fashion trends? Absolutely, but I am confident my streamlined version will hit the mark for you. We don’t need me to get started on jewelry, hats, scarves, and even more accessories (oh and more shoes too). Instead, I’ve offered up my top five fall trends, with a sixth thrown in as an accessory teaser for you!

What is on your list of must-have fall fashion items?


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Halie Manley
Halie is a Vermonter born and raised, with a passion for travel, beauty, style, and life. She currently resides on the eastern side of the state with her husband and two kids (a hockey-focused son and a ballet-loving daughter.) She attended Colby-Sawyer College and Philadelphia University, then returned to Colby-Sawyer where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Her family has a running joke that Halie was on her own version of Amazing Race (selecting a college edition.) While she loves to visit cities, she discovered that she can’t live in one! She best describes herself as quirky and sometimes awkward, constantly looking to learn, a makeup and skincare enthusiast, and also an avid lover of coffee, tea, local craft beers, ice cream, HGTV, and basically anything that sparks joy! She is ridiculously comfortable in her own shoes (probably because she ditched heels!) You can find more about her on her blog, Our Small Life Home.


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