Easy Halloween Makeup From Your Stash



Halloween is in just 2 weeks. Don’t get caught off guard when your kiddo (or you!) needs some last minute makeup to finish off that costume. All the makeup I used was pulled from my personal stash and is easily found at any drugstore. Best part is, unlike actual costume makeup, you can reuse these products throughout the year!

For any of these looks I recommend using a face or eye primer first.

Especially if you are sending your child to school with makeup on, the primer will help reduce fading and any rubbing that may occur.

First up is a friendly witch.

Instead of using green face paint, I opted to just add touches of green and keep the look minimal. I used liquid liners in both green and black. You can use green shadow instead of liquid liner but I would suggest using black liquid liner as it gives sharper lines and will make it easier to draw. To draw the web I drew 3 lines (I added another later) then connected them with half circles. I finished the web with inverted half circles and added a small spider. I made sure to draw the web away from my daughter’s eye as she rubs that area frequently. I blended out some green liner on her lids and added a tiny tiny amount of mascara to finish.

Flor witch
Easy friendly witch… quick and cute!

Next is another Halloween favorite, a cute black kitty!

This is one of the simplest looks. Again, I used black liquid liner so that the whiskers were sharp and tapered at the ends. Definitely use a primer around the nose area and maybe even consider using a gel waterproof liner for extra staying power.  To make a white kitty use white liner and pink for the nose.

Simple black kitty... a Halloween classic
Simple black kitty… a Halloween classic

How about a cute robot??

My husband made this robot outfit for my daughter to dress up, but it would make a perfect Halloween costume. Robot costumes typically don’t include much makeup aside from grey metallic face paint, but I decided to add a few knobs, buttons, and a keypad to dress it up a little. I used a black kohl pencil to draw the shapes and then filled or outlined them in colorful shadow.

Beep Boop!
Beep Boop!

Lastly, I believe this is going to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes (from a well-known ice-themed movie), and the makeup is SO simple!

I did a dual face for this look so you can get the idea (plus my daughter was tired of sitting still and getting her face washed, haha). Younger sister is a little mascara, freckles (use brown liner and rub your finger over to fade them to look more natural), and pink blush and lips. Older sister is purple eyeshadow, mascara, and pink blush and lips. Very easy but it kicks that look up just a notch!

"I see your face..."
“I see your face…”

Tell me about your family’s costumes! Will they include makeup?? Let me know in the comments below and as always

Good luck mamas and until next time, stay beautiful! 




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