Tamale Pie: An Easy, Healthy, and Delicious Weeknight Dinner


I know I’m not alone when I say that we are busy. My husband and I both work full time, and by the time we pick up our son, get home, take care of our dogs, and do the necessary diaper/clothes changes, everyone is starving. Cooking is one of my passions, but I might as well face facts: while I have the skills to make an elaborate multi-course gourmet meal, more often than not, I just don’t have time. And I am not above taking a few shortcuts to get dinner on the table. I love using our slow-cooker to get a head-start on dinner, but slow-cooker meals can get repetitive.

fork and knifeI recently started making tamale pie for dinner, and I find it’s quite a versatile recipe. It’s easy to make it your own…

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Tamale pie is a versatile casserole recipe – you can even make it with leftovers!

As I mentioned before, this recipe is very versatile. I have used our slow-cooker to cook a tougher cut of beef, but you could easily use any type of your favorite ground meat. You could even use leftover cooked and cubed chicken, turkey, or pork, reheated with a little chicken stock and mixed with taco seasoning. I serve tamale pie with salads on the side, but you could instead add more veggies to the casserole itself. This version of the casserole uses beef and red salsa, but you could try it with pork or shredded turkey and salsa verde- and perhaps a Munster cheese.

What are your favorite go-to weeknight dinners?



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