30+ Ideas for Creating a Locally-Sourced Easter Basket


Last Easter, when my son was about a year and a half old, I’ll admit: I was unprepared. The Easter Bunny and I did not coordinate schedules. There was no great planning session, no Pinterest pinning. In fact, my husband and I did not even discuss the Easter Bunny and whether or not we thought he’d be visiting our house. Let’s just say I realized on Easter Eve that there was no basket and not much to put in one.

Last year, the Easter Bunny delivered an Easter basket that was created (in about five minutes) in the aisles of our local drug store.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for supporting the businesses in our town, but there are some things I think the Easter Bunny should do differently this time. In our house, we don’t like to buy things that are single-use-only or only have one restricted purpose. We also don’t like to spend lots of money unnecessarily or spend our money on things that are mass-produced overseas. Last year’s basket did not fit any of these criteria: there were mass-produced toys, nothing was local, and some of the candy and sweets might have already been in our pantry. The basket itself was cheap, and it was not something that would resurface at our home at any other point in the year. In fact, it’s still sitting in the basement, right where we left it last April. On the bright side though, one thing the Easter Bunny did do last year that was eco-friendly was skip the plastic grass and opt for some soft multi-colored fabric instead.

easter basket, holiday, easter bunny, snacks, toys
Last year, the Easter Bunny was unprepared and may have filled out the basket with items from our pantry.

This year, I encouraged the Easter Bunny to think more locally and create a basket that’s more in line with our family values. I also encouraged the Easter Bunny to purchase a variety of items so that my son wouldn’t end up with a pile of straight sugar.

Here are some ideas that I’ve come up with to fill my son’s basket with local Vermont treats:

Sweet Treats & Salty Snacks

  • Chocolate Carrots from Lake Champlain Chocolates – available in milk or dark
  • Cream Eggs from Snowflake Chocolates – the Easter Bunny will probably bring one of these for my husband, too!
  • Bunny Tails from Laughing Moon Chocolate – these yummy bites are rolled in sweet coconut.
  • A chocolate bar from Nutty Steph’s. I personally love the Love bar, which has white chocolate, peppermint, and freeze-dried raspberries, but there are lots of other flavors to choose from.
  • A cupcake from Superb Cupcakes – these were one of my pregnancy/nursing cravings, and they always have lots of delicious flavors to choose from!
cupcakes, easter basket, shop local, baked goods, bakery
A selection of delectable cupcakes from Superb Cupcakes, my favorite local bakery
easter basket, vermont products, shop local, vermont made
A selection of salty snacks for this year’s Easter Baskets

Allergy-Friendly Treats

While we don’t have true food allergies in our family, it’s an everyday reality for many parents. I’ve consulted Abbie from Ollergy, and she recommends checking out these treats. While they are not all sourced from local companies, these products can be found locally at places like Healthy Living (and our local drug store even stocks VT Nut Free products).

  • VT Nut Free Chocolates makes a variety of nut-free treats, including cream-filled eggs and chocolate-covered marshmallows with colorful sprinkles. If you can’t decide between something chocolaty and something fruity, try their Beanie Bites, which are fruity jelly bean and chocolate clusters. Vermont Nut Free also recently expanded and now has retail space in their new location on Brentwood Drive in Colchester.
Vermont Nut Free Chocolates’ new retail space in Colchester has lots of delicious (and nut allergy-safe) Easter Basket options.
  • Enjoy Life makes cookies and Easter Chocolate Minis that are gluten-free, and free from nuts, dairy, and soy.
  • Smash Mallow makes gluten-free flavored marshmallows in a variety of flavors
  • Yum Earth makes gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan treats like gummy twists, fruity pops, and sour jelly beans.
  • Surf Sweets makes gluten-free, nut-free gummy bears, worms, jelly beans, and other treats.
  • Pascha Chocolate offers a variety of allergy-friendly items such as rice milk chocolate bars.
easter basket, allergy friendly, chocolate, shop local, candy, kat's paws
A selection of allergy-friendly snacks, with a crayon roll and fabric basket from Kat’s Paws

As always, when it comes to food allergies, it’s important to do your research, ask questions, and choose what is right for your family.

Toys & Books

easter basket, chocolate, shop local, vermont made, kat's paws
Locally-sourced sweet and salty snacks and a mini crayon roll in a fabric bowl.

Things to Wear

easter basket, toddler, toys, teething
My son, enjoying the goodies from last year’s Easter basket

Experience Gifts

In addition to treats and toys, you could try adding an experience gift to your basket this year. For younger kids, include a ticket to a local museum or science center. For older kids, include a summer camp brochure or concert tickets. If you are members of your local library, check to see if you can get a reduced rate at any local attractions; many of our local libraries offer an attraction pass to Echo, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne Farms, and other places.

Lastly, if you’d like to avoid baskets altogether, try one of these other container ideas:

  • A storage bin they can use later on to organize toys or books
  • A cloth bag that is washable and reusable
  • A new lunch bag, lunch box, or backpack
  • The bin on a dump truck or other toy vehicle
  • A fabric bowl or fabric basket from Kat’s Paws
  • An upside-down baseball cap or sun hat
  • If your child is going to be starting potty training soon, you could even put their gifts in a new potty!
potty training, easter basket, easter basket ideas, shop local, chocolate, allergy friendly
Who’s excited for potty training now?!?

What is the Easter Bunny bringing to your house this year? What would you add to this list?

delicious Vermont treats for a locally sourced easter basket


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