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I scheduled my first massage with Eileen at Earthy Soul when I was about 5 months pregnant.  Now my son Finn is 6 months old, and this past Saturday I was really looking forward to my next appointment and a relaxing, rejuvenating break from my busy life!

I enthusiastically recommend Eileen’s massage and reflexology services whether you are pregnant, post-partum, or generally looking for a top-notch massage/reflexology experience.


Eileen’s massage space is in a charming yellow brick house with office spaces on College Street just a few blocks east of downtown.  The logistics of getting to and from your appointment are fantastic, there is free and easy parking behind the building.

After ringing the bell, Eileen welcomes you directly into the cozy and relaxing massage room.  Her initial intake discussion with new clients is thoughtful and comprehensive, and there is plenty of time to discuss issues or areas that need extra attention.   While I was pregnant it was my aching hips, and now with an energetic little 6 month old my back needs a little extra focus.

After my first prenatal massage with Eileen, I knew I was ready to sign on as a regular client!  I was looking for a massage therapist specifically trained in prenatal work who had experience with the special considerations necessary during pregnancy.  Eileen specializes in both prenatal and postnatal massage and reflexology, and she has an impressive list of credentials.  She graduated from the Swedish Institute in New York City and she is an NCTMB Certified Massage Therapist and an ARB Board Certified Reflexologist.  During pregnancy, I felt really secure knowing that I was in the hands of a well trained professional.

The prenatal massage set up is wonderful because it allows you to lie face down on the table using specially designed support pillows with open spaces for your chest and pregnancy bump!  These same support pillows are wonderful for the postnatal massage since many women aren’t ready to lie flat on their stomach and chest right away.  My prenatal massage sessions were so helpful for my hip pain, and Eileen has a lot of useful knowledge and tips for sleep positioning and how to help relieve some of the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy.


Post-baby my sessions have been just as beneficial, and my Saturday appointment was no exception.  One lovely part of the massage experience with Eileen is that she blends and uses her own essential oils.  She uses only pure organic Jojoba oil and mixes a host of soothing scents such as lavender, tangerine-lavender, rosemary-lavender, and a feminine blend with geranium.  Her essential oils are extremely high quality, absorb into the skin nicely, and do not stain clothing.

During my session, she incorporated hot stones and heat packs into my massage.  This is a great option for the winter months, and it was as if my back tension melted away during the massage.  The added heat was so comforting and soothing.  Eileen pays a lot of special attention to any problem areas that clients want to focus on, and she checks in to make sure the pressure matches your comfort level.  For me, the extra attention on my neck and shoulders has really made a difference.

Eileen also incorporated 20 minutes of reflexology into my session. The Earthy Soul website contains helpful information on reflexology and its basic theories.  Reflexology is a natural healing art which is based on the principle that there are zones and reflex areas on the feet and hands which correspond to different body parts and body systems.   Practitioners apply specific pressure using finger and hand techniques to these areas which then results in a re-balancing of those particular body systems.

In my recent session, Eileen worked on my feet and specifically focused on those systems linked to energy levels.  Like a lot of new parents, I feel tired a lot even if the baby is actually sleeping fairly well.  Experiencing a reflexology session is also very relaxing in itself.  The pressure on different areas of the feet is calming and helps relieve tension and stress immediately.   Eileen is also specially trained to practice reflexology on pregnant women, and I felt nice results from my prenatal sessions too.  For those who have never tried reflexology, I would definitely recommend incorporating some reflexology into a massage session!


For more information on Eileen and Earthy Soul check out her website.

She is also running a Thanksgiving special where you can purchase an unlimited number of one-hour sessions of massage, reflexology, or a combination of the two for $65.

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  1. I love Eileen! Her prenatal massages are fabulous and helped a ton with my pain during pregnancy. I’m about to visit her for the first time postnatal and I am so excited!


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