How We Manage Dry Skin and Eczema in Our House: The Lotion We Love


Let me start out by saying that I don’t use lotion. I don’t like the feeling of it, I dislike having greasy skin, and frankly, the few extra seconds it would take me to rub lotion all over my body, I would rather put that time into something like sleeping or browsing Facebook. I’m lazy. My husband, on the other hand, treats his body much better than I do, and wants to protect his skin.

Both our girls are pretty healthy, with the exception of some skin issues. Both have eczema.

When our oldest was diagnosed with eczema, the dermatologist suggested the use of an over the counter skin cream. I, of course, ran to the nearest pharmacy and bought a huge container. Eight years later, I may still have the jar in my closet. The cream was so thick and weird that rubbing it on my 1-year-old was no fun. We then tried a different skin cream, which I didn’t like any better due to its consistency and my already embedded hatred of lotion. When our second daughter was born, and also had dry skin, I realized I needed to find a lotion that everyone could use, one that was safe and natural for the newborn and toddler, but strong enough for my husband’s use.

After perusing my beloved Pinterest for recipes for lotions and potions specific for eczema, I decided to mix up a few recipes and see what my family loved. I read about different oils, different blends, and different techniques. I ended up mixing a few recipes together, and my family still uses this recipe nearly 5 years later. We have shared the recipe and jars of the lotion with friends and family, many whom have had great success with it. One friend used it to keep her new tattoo moisturized, I used it as a diaper rash cream for our youngest, and another friend loved it for her psoriasis breakout.

Ingredients to make eczema and dry skin lotion
Eczema Lotion Ingredients

I use all organic ingredients because I believe that what you put on the outside of your body is just as important as what you put on the inside, but please use what works for your family.

1 Cup Olive, Almond or Avocado Oil

1 Cup of Coconut Oil (slightly melted)

½-¾ Cup of Beeswax (I use pastilles for ease in melting)

1 Dropper of Raspberry Oil

(I buy the organic avocado oil, olive oil and coconut oil from Costco, and buy the organic raspberry oil and beeswax pastilles from Amazon, although I would love to find some local beeswax to use.)


Place all ingredients in a quart-sized Mason jar, and tightly screw on the lid. Place jar in a pot of cool water that reaches about midway up the side. Turn heat onto low-medium and let simmer, constantly swirling the mixture until everything is combined and melted.

I have had the best luck melting slow and steady. When I rush it, the lotion gets lumpy and bumpy which still works fine but is a little harder to work into your skin. Once it is all melted together, and a beautiful golden color, I very CAREFULLY pour it into small white containers that I found on Amazon (I originally used 4 oz. Mason jars, but didn’t want my kids handling glass). Let containers sit out on the counter until the lotion solidifies.

My family members all use this lotion daily, after showering and also after swimming, or any time they have a dry spot. When one of the girls starts to show signs of an eczema breakout, we apply extra lotion and typically within a few days, the dry spot is gone. Remember, I am not a doctor, just a mom who’s sharing what works for us.

Finished product: homemade eczema lotion in a jar.
Finished Product= Eczema Soother

If you try this eczema lotion recipe, please let me know what you think!

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  1. My six year old son has eczema thanks to his dad’s genes. When his skin has patches we call them dragon’s scales. We apply lotion so he doesn’t become a dragon, even though he would like to just to roast marshmallows anytime he wants to. Thanks for the recipe will have to try it.


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