Do It Yourself Ruth Bader Ginsburg Halloween Costume


Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an amazing woman, an icon, and a role model for boys and girls everywhere.

She is most well known as a justice of the Supreme Court. Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought hard to assure that women receive equal rights as men. It’s no wonder that she is a hero to so many people. In honor of her memory, here are instructions to make a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Halloween costume.

Start with a black robe.

As a Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg wore a black robe. Check through your dress-up clothes first. If your child has any wizard robes, they can be repurposed for this costume. Perhaps you have an old graduation gown floating around your house somewhere? You can easily pin it up or just cut it down to size. Sometimes you can find graduation gowns at thrift stores. If you don’t have any robes on hand, try a plain black dress or a long black sweater with black leggings or tights.

Add the iconic white collar.

The white-collar will instantly make this costume recognizable as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The easiest way to add the collar is to put a white dress shirt under the robe and pop the collar out on top. If you’re crafty and have the time, you can find a pattern to knit or crochet a collar. If you have an old doily laying around, you could cut that into a collar. Another option is to fold a piece of white paper into a circle and cut it into a collar, paper snowflake style.

Pull back your child’s hair.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was usually shown with her hair pulled back from her face. If your child has long hair, pull it back and put it in either a ponytail or a low bun. If your child’s hair is shorter, use some hair gel to slick it back, away from the face. Keep it simple!

Add some glasses.

If your child already wears glasses, you’re all set. If not, check your dress-up clothes first. If you’re going out during the daylight, you can just have your child wear sunglasses. For nighttime, you could pop the lenses out of cheap sunglasses so your child can still see. Another option is to trace a pair of sunglasses onto construction paper or cardboard and cut out a pair of glasses. If your child doesn’t want to wear glasses, use a pair of photo prop glasses that can just be held up to the face on a stick for the pictures.

Finish off with a pair of earrings.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg generally favored simple, round earrings. If your child has pierced ears, find them a largish circular pair of earrings. If not, see if you have any clip-on earrings that fit the bill. If actual earrings won’t work for your child, simply draw a large circle on each earlobe with either face paint or eyeliner.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg finished costume

While you work on this costume with your child, it’s a great time to discuss Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s tremendous achievements and legacy.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy a safe, happy Halloween!Do It Yourself Ruth Bader Ginsburg Halloween Costume


  1. This is wonderful. I’m a homeschool dad with five great Christian Patriots, and I was wondering if you could make a few more–like about to be elected AZ Gov Kari Lake and about to be elected US House Rep. Sarah Palin for my girls; and for my three boys, Judge Clarence Thomas (tricky, my boys are white and Thomas is a great African American), Sen. Ted Cruz, the late Rush Limbaugh. I agree that these costumes provide our family an opportunity to discuss the Constitution, Limited Government, and the Bill of Rights–Freedom of Religion, Press, Speech and the like! Thanks!


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