“Divas on Deck”: Let Your Inner Diva Shine!


Divas on Deck

Let Your Inner Diva Shine

Event:  Sunday, June 22nd, “Divas On Deck”

What’s going on:  A cruise on the Spirit Of Ethan Allen, 1:45pm to 3:30pm

Purpose:  A celebration of us as women and a chance to be in touch with our beauty and sensuality.

Tickets:  $20 in advance, $25 at the door; www.divasondeck.eventbrite.com

“Like” and follow us:  www.facebook.com/DivasOnDeckVT

A Novel Idea

Sometimes along this bumpy road of life, I often forget that I’m a beautiful woman, inside and out.  Maybe it’s my Type A perfectionist personality, or maybe it’s because I have too many obligations, but somehow I tend to forget to really care for myself.  I know I’m not the only woman to feel this way.  My friend and colleague Mara has shared this perspective.  I’m not a mom, and my close friends who are moms consistently say how they don’t have time for themselves, or feel guilty when they do! I went to a Bridal Expo back in January as a vendor participant and saw hundreds of brides-to-be bubbling with excitement in planning a wonderful celebration of their love.  As they should!  And then I thought — this kind of excitement needs to continue for all women, single or hitched alike. An idea was born that day:  a celebration of women, an event to remind women to take care of themselves and be in touch with their beauty and sensuality.  My friend Mara and I have put this idea into action:  Divas On Deck!

Time to Cruise, Divas!

unnamed-1Divas On Deck is a cruise on the beautiful Lake Champlain on June 22nd aboard The Spirit Of Ethan Allen.  But this is not an ordinary cruise!  It will feature local businesses that both empower and pamper women, bringing out their sensuality and beauty, their inner diva.  The word “diva” is somewhat loaded:  I can’t help but think of Beyoncé strutting around, owning a stage, exuding confidence and sensuality.  The word “diva” itself reminds me that we women really are amazing creatures! Feeling beautiful and sexy means different things to different people.  For me, it’s the zen of yoga or rock climbing.  For some, it’s dancing to their favorite music.  Or a fresh manicure.  Or a new sexy set of lingerie. That’s why this event will feature experts in a variety of diva-enhancing techniques:  massage, henna tattoos, romance products, lingerie, glamour photography, cabaret performances, yoga, belly-dancing, jewelry, makeup and skincare, and more! Please tell your favorite gal-pals and save the date!   Mara and I are so excited to bring this event to the community.  We women deserve way more than one cruise to celebrate who we are, and our hope is that each guest can leave the boat with a spring in their step and a lasting appreciation of their own beauty, sensuality, and overall fabulousness.

See you June 22nd!  Let’s rock the boat!

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Written by Emily Harwood and Mara Hayes

Emily Harwood and Mara Hayes are local Passion Parties Consultants and have been organizing “Divas On Deck.”

Emily HarwoodAbout Emily Harwood

I grew up in Burlington, Vermont and came back after many years of living in Boston.  Besides my family, the beauty of Vermont’s landscape and the sense of community have kept me here.  I play outside as much as possible, and even teach rock climbing.  I became a Passion Parties consultant two years ago because it seemed like a really fun way to supplement my income.  Anyone who hosts a Passion Party ends up having a great time with their closest friends, receives free products, and learns more about intimacy.  Who wouldn’t want a job that helps women like that?!

Mara Hayes

About Mara Hayes

After years of living in Africa and then Canada, our family decided to settle in South Burlington, Vermont. I love the relaxed atmosphere, natural beauty, dedication to supporting local agriculture/enterprise, commitment to protecting our planet and natural resources and overall family friendly feeling. I started as an Independent consultant for Passion Parties for two reasons. The first; I wanted more time with my son while continuing to work, earn money, and grow personally. The second; I enjoy helping women find what they need to enhance their inner diva. I am constantly learning and I enjoy sharing what I have learned.


  1. Only seven days left until our amazing cruise! Aristelle Lingerie is looking for local models to participate in the lingerie fashion show on the Divas on Deck cruise. We can’t wait to see what beautiful items they will display!

    Get your early bird tickets now! divasondeck.eventbrite.com


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