Decorating a Shared Bedroom for Opposite Sex Siblings


Shared bedroomParents, Katie and Andy, welcomed their son, Connor, on September 14th. Connor joined big sister, Ella, in their shared bedroom.  The first step to transitioning the room was when Ella graduated to her big girl bed the end of August. Her toddler bed was transformed back into a crib for the baby.

Creating a shared space can be a challenge. Creating a shared space for both a boy and a girl can be more challenging.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind…

1.  Keep wall color neutral.  

The neutral tones work best in this space.  Colors can be brought into the decor with accessories and bedding. Shared Bedroom

2.  Arrange furniture symmetrically.  

The room feels balanced by having the beds and bureau symmetrically arranged.  Your eye isn’t drawn to one particular area or another. Ellas Side Labeled Connor Bed & Name

3.  Make sure they both have their own space.

Ella and Connor’s things are clearly divided by the invisible line in the middle of the bedroom.  Each child has their own bed, bureau, closet and play area between the bed and bureau. Connor Toys Labels

4.  Let them express themselves.

As the children age, they will have their own opinions about style.  It’s likely to differ from their sibling due to age, gender and personal interests.  Let your children express their style in the shared bedroom.  Remember it’s less about “picture perfect,” more about them. Ella Toys Labeled

5.  Use the closet for vertical space.

Space is limited.  If you can’t go horizontal, then go vertical.  Ella’s closet is used primarily for toys.  Only dresses are hung; all other clothing is stored in her bureau or bed.  Store out-of-season wardrobe or too big clothes in totes to make room for current items. Ella Closet Labeled Connor Bureau 2 Labeled Visit Simply Planned to download your FREE Clothing Storage Labels.

6.  Roll don’t fold clothing.

Make more room in the bureau by rolling the kids clothing military style.  It’s also easier for little hands to help with laundry.

How have your children successfully shared a bedroom?  Tell us in the comments below.

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