Dear mosquitos, I hate you


My husband and I recently bought our first home. One of the things I have been most excited to discover about our home is that in our backyard, along the far fence, are black raspberry bushes. Even though this summer has not exactly been ideal in terms of berry growing conditions, (or any activities that do well in dry conditions – but that’s another topic all together) the berries are still sweet and exciting.

I’ve been patiently waiting for enough berries to ripen to go grab a handful to try, and luckily that has happened. Here’s where things take a turn.

While harvesting the berries, and, realistically, it probably took me less than 5 minutes, I only got a handful but I got over a dozen mosquito bites. It was my fault really. I didn’t think to apply bug spray before heading out; and especially with all the diseases mosquitos can carry, it’s a good idea to spray. However, the damage is done, and over a dozen mosquito bites for being outside less than 5 minutes is a little ridiculous. Also, I have terrible itching episodes in general. You add in mosquito bites and I am beyond miserable.


With that being said, I wanted to share what has and has not worked for me, to soothe the itch of the mosquito. First the good:

1. Cold – Putting an ice pack directly on bites did seem to offer some relief. Primarily while the ice was touching, but for a decent amount of time after removing the ice. You have to keep it on for at least 10 minutes for it to work though.

not ideal, but at least Benadryl works

2. Medication – Obviously Benadryl and similar antihistamines work pretty well for allergic and itching reactions. This is a standby, but one I try to only use when the situation is desperate. Unfortunately  there are side effects with medication, and one of the main ones with this kind is making you drowsy. I’m tired enough as it is running after a toddler all day.

3. Calamine lotion – I’m not entirely sure if this one actually works for me or if I just want it to work so badly that it has a placebo like effect. Either way, it seems to do more good than harm, so I’ll probably keep using it.

That is the end of the list of things that I have found to offer any relief for me. Unfortunately the list of things that hasn’t worked is much longer:

1. Tape  – I’ve heard a lot of people swear by this one. Put a piece of scotch tape over the bite and you will experience instant relief! The tape made me feel more itchy, and I felt ridiculous with pieces of tape all over me.

2. Heat – I think this one works the same way, in theory, that the cold works. It just doesn’t seem to do it for me, but maybe I’m not getting my water hot enough?

3. Apple cider vinegar – Another miracle instant relief cure. Nope, nothing. I even had cotton balls soaked in vinegar taped to my legs to keep them on longer. Talk about feeling ridiculous. No relief.

4. Deodorant – maybe I don’t have the right kind of deodorant, but this one didn’t work for me at all either. *Sigh*

5-8. Toothpaste. Crushed up aspirin. Pressing an “x” into the bite with your fingernail. Aloe vera gel. = Nope, nope, nope and no.

Even with all my failed attempts, I’m still up for trying the things that work for other people. So, give me your best home remedy for dialing down the misery that accompanies getting mosquito bites.

What works for you?


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  2. Loratidine is an antihistamine that is non drowsy. Mildly helps.

    My best advice is Sallye anders “no bite me”. It’s all natural and I apply a thin coat like lotion-under clothes and in hair. It is awesome. I live in the woods so I bought everything until I found something that works. I swear by it and do not leave the house with out wiping us all down first. I found it in Montpelier a couple of years ago but have not been back so I order it on line. Pretty fast shipping.

    The beginning of the season I forgot to apply the no bite me and was in rough shape. I tried all the nice, no stinging ointments I could find. None of them really cured the bite. It all seemed temporary.

    I have a serious reaction to bug bites as does my son. Unfortunately the only thing that truly works every time is After bite. Our nickname for that little stick is “best friend”. It does not hurt as much if you use it before scratching. After two applications-no more itching!

    Good luck!


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