Cut the Paper Clutter


Tips for cutting the

Do you feel like you’re always surrounded by paper? Let’s tackle that paper once and for all!

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1. Manila folders
2. Trash/Recycle/Shred containers
3. How Long Do I Keep It List
4. Pencils
5. Post Its
6. Drinks and Music 🙂

Tips for Organizing Your Paper:

1. Ask yourself these questions: What is this? Why am I keeping it?
2. Start files names with pencil
3. Use a title that works for you
4. DO NOT use ‘miscellaneous’ or ‘pending’
5. DO NOT read any paperwork. This slows you down. Simply identify and sort.
6. Use the filing system for 1-2 weeks
7. Adjust file names and categories as needed
8. Permanently label the files
9. Use alphabetical order

Tips for Your Home Office

1. Use color folders to define a category
2. Use the following categories:

  • Business Operations
  • Clients
  • Marketing
  • Resources & Products

3. Use alphabetical order within each category
4. Organize your electronic files with the same categories as your paper versions.

Do you want to stop the paper from entering your home or office?

colored files, stuffed files

I have found four websites to reduce the paper clutter and interruptions. Stop junk (e)mail. Stop telemarketers from calling. I highly recommend this to help save you time and I have personally used them.

Here are the direct links:

National Do Not Call Registry

Getting off Commercial Email Lists

National Do Not Mail List

Opt Out

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