Our Current Favorite Music – A Review (With Help from My Five Year-Old)


There is a lot of great children’s music out there these days. So much that children’s music has its own category at the Grammys!

My house is rocking 24/7. We may not know every hit on the radio, but we are grooving to the beat of some really terrific music.  

On any given day, you can stop by and we will be dancing to “Jungle Boogie” or “Proud Mary,” or playing instruments on the DIY wood pallet stage we built in our backyard. Even though my children have a vast knowledge of all kinds of music from rock to funk to jazz, we have CDs that are geared specifically towards children that are constantly on heavy rotation in our house.  

If you’re looking for good children’s music, I share with you our top five albums (as reviewed with help from my five year-old, Mason):

Rockin’ Ron The Friendly Pirate – The Flying Pirate Circus


Rockin’ Ron is the current favorite in my house and is played pretty much every day! Rockin’ Ron is a local star and can be found singing and strumming at Smuggler’s Notch in the winter and other events in the warmer weather. This CD has many songs on it, and the music is fun and funny! My personal favorites include “Oona Uni Hook” and “Without the R.”   

Mason’s Review: “I like numbers 10, 23, 24… and I really like it! It’s just nice music. My favorite is #10 (Flotsam and Jetsam) because it has a rockin’ electric guitar. I think my friend Henry would love it because of the rockin’ guitar. The songs are really good and you can dance to it like Slip Dancing (think sliding around the hardwood floor in your socks)!”

Can you tell he loves it?

Mama Mac – Shine Shine Shine


We listened to this CD all winter! When we would get home from work and child care and it was too dark and cold outside, Mason and his brother Charlie, age 2, would put this on and dance around on the guest bed until the CD was over. Most of the songs are upbeat, with just a few on the slower side. I really enjoy this album because it has songs for different seasons such as the title song, “Summertime”, “Leaves”, and “Snowflake Ballet.”

Mason’s review:  I like “Sammy the Snail” and “Down the Shore.”  Anybody can listen to it!

The Swing Peepers – Kitchen Dance


Another Vermont band, this duo hails from Huntington, Vermont. We had the luck to catch them twice at our library for two different events, and loved them so much we took home a CD! This was a favorite when Mason was younger – about three years-old, but we still love the songs.  

Mason’s Review: I really like “I Don’t Mind Dirt” and “Mama Don’t ‘Low.” Two year-olds would really like it. I like “I Don’t Mind Dirt” ’cause it’s silly!

Dog Train/Philadelphia Chickens

music   music

Anyone who has read Sandra Boynton’s books should have these two books/CDs. Most of the songs are her books put to music, like Snuggle Puppy and Fifteen Animals. The songs are also sung by many famous people, such as Weird Al, The Bacon Brothers, and Five For Fighting. We enjoy these CDs mostly before bed when the boys can get their last bit of energy out bouncing to “The Tantrum Song” or “Cow Planet.”  

Mason’s Review: I like the song, “Dog Train” because it gets loud and “Cow Planet!” It’s really rock and roll! People would like it because it’s rock and roll. Philadelphia Chickens has the song “Very Very Busy.” People should buy the CD because it alternates from slow to fast.“ The Belly Button Song” which is slow, and “Very Very Busy” which is fast.  

So, there you have it! Some of our favorite children’s music. If you are looking for some new CDs or downloads to listen to with your family, my five-year-old (“I’m almost six, mom!”) and I highly recommend these!


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