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{Disclaimer: We are working with Shayna Micol of Crunchi cosmetics to bring you this information, however, all opinions are our own.}

Since moving to Vermont and having children, living a healthy lifestyle has become a priority for me. Crunchi cosmetics can help me reach this goal while looking my best.

Crunchi makes a full range of cosmetics that are toxin-free and organic. They are also cruelty-free and made in the United States. Crunchi selects ingredients that are safe for your health and produced humanely. As it turns out, cosmetics do not require approval from the Food and Drug Administration before they go on the market. The US only bans 11 ingredients in cosmetics. Europe, on the other hand, bans over 1300 ingredients. Crunchi has chosen to follow European standards and then some. When I looked at the ingredient list for some of my inexpensive drugstore makeup, I found a long list of chemical names that I didn’t recognize. Are these chemicals safe? I have no idea. With Crunchi, I am positive that the ingredients are safe to use.

Our team hadn’t heard of Crunchi until Shayna Micol, a mama of three, introduced us to this amazing line. Shayna has a background in nursing and pharmaceuticals and was in a band which required her to wear heavy stage makeup. Shayna has always been conscious about what went into her family’s bodies, but was never concerned about what went ON them! She did a complete overhaul and switched to all non-toxic, safe body care products! However, she could never find a line of safe makeup that truly performed and demonstrated the quality she desired… until she discovered Crunchi!

Shayna began using Crunchi makeup with zero intention of ever joining the company. However, she fell so in love with what she was using that when she needed to leave her full-time job to focus on other important priorities, Crunchi was a natural transition.  Shayna appreciates that Crunchi is completely transparent about its ingredients and has chosen to do business as a direct sales company for the sole reason of educating women and consumers about the potentially harmful effects of toxins in cosmetics. If Crunchi was to be displayed at a department store, there would be no one to explain and differentiate why Crunchi is nothing like the rest! Shayna has become a self-proclaimed ingredient expert due to what Crunchi has taught her and she wants to share her message with other women and consumers because she believes they need to advocate for themselves and be made aware that they never have to sacrifice safety in order to receive quality, high-performance cosmetics.

Several of us Burlington VT Moms Blog writers got together to test out some Crunchi products.

We all started with clean, bare faces. For the first step, we applied primer, which hydrates your skin and readies it for makeup application. The primer also fills in lines and wrinkles. Hooray! The primer felt very lightweight and soothing on my skin. We added concealer under the eyes. Moms are always tired, so this concealer is a great tool to help hide that. The concealer contains vitamin E to help ward off those dark undereye circles.

applying Crunchi foundation

After that, everyone picked out which shade of foundation best matched their skin tone. There are five different shades to choose from. If you are using Crunchi for the first time, you can order a sample pack of two different foundation shades to find the one that is right for you. We applied the foundation with a Crunchi flat top foundation brush and it went on so smoothly! I didn’t feel like I was wearing makeup, but I certainly looked much better.

Next, we added some color to our faces!

We started with the bronzer. It’s a loose powder that contains a hint of shimmer. At first, we all worried that it was too shimmery, but it looked fabulous once we applied it. In fact, the bronzer looked good on everyone, no matter what their skin tone. It adds a natural-looking tan just where you want it. The lipgloss is moisturizing and comes in nine different shades. I am usually hesitant to wear darker shades, but the red Sangria lipgloss looked amazing. It also stayed put on my lips even after I ate a number of chocolate-covered strawberries. BVTMB writers know how to have a good time!

applying Crunchi lipgloss

Crunchi makes thirteen shades of pressed mineral eye shadow. We used a dark brown shadow as an eyeliner by applying it with a fine brush. Then we added a shimmery gold shade as the eye shadow. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to try the mascara, but it sounds intriguing. It uses natural green tea fibers to lengthen and volumize your eyelashes. Yes, please!

What was our verdict on Crunchi cosmetics?

We really enjoyed using Crunchi! All of the products felt really nice on our skin and it was great to know that all the ingredients are safe to use on a daily basis. I tend to find myself going to extremes with makeup. In my everyday life, I only wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF and lipgloss. For theater, choir, or dance performances, I wear heavy amounts of stage makeup. Stage makeup looks great from afar but looks extremely overdone close-up.

Crunchi provides a nice, better-than-natural look that is quick and easy to apply. I still feel like myself in their makeup, but I am more polished and put-together than my usual routine. I love that the Crunchi products are very layerable so you can choose exactly how light or dark you would like to wear your makeup. In fact, I am looking forward to impressing my husband on our anniversary by wearing Crunchi cosmetics!

before and after pictures of using Crunchi cosmetics

At first, the prices of the Crunchi products shocked me a little. I tend to buy the cheap makeup available from drugstores, so I had no idea what high-quality makeup should actually cost. When I thought about all the benefits of Crunchi, I understood the pricing. It costs more money to produce safe, healthy makeup and consciously package and make it in the USA. The prices are similar to those of higher-quality makeup, such as brands sold in department and specialty stores. However, Crunchi has added health benefits. As a mom, I make health and safety a priority in my house, so I believe that Crunchi is worth every penny.

Have you tried Crunchi yet? If so, what is your favorite product?

If you are interested in trying Crunchi cosmetics, our team cannot recommend Shayna Micol enough. She is the only Crunchi cosmetics consultant north of Boston, and she is a hoot to work with. You can’t help but feel her passion for these products. Check out her products here! She is also available by email: [email protected] 


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