Courtney’s Mommy Makeover


Just before Mother’s Day our Mommy Makeover winner, Courtney, had a day of much needed, and well deserved, pampering from some fabulous local businesses.  We caught up with Courtney to see how her day went.

A little about Courtney…

Courtney is a wife to a great husband, a mom of an amazing 10 month old boy and a full-time employee at a great company here in Burlington.  She lives in Essex and has 2 dogs that complete her little family. Courtney says that motherhood has changed her in profound ways and continues to do so, surprisingly, every day.  She enjoys traveling, being outside, camping, cooking, reading, and is in the process of trying to learn how to garden.  All that aside her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family and friends.


MiniSpa VT

Courtney’s first stop on her grand day of pampering was at MiniSpa VT where she began with a facial.  Kristin was the technician that worked on Courtney.  Kristin said that overall Courtney’s skin was in pretty good condition with just a bit of congestion on the nose and chin.  Kristin gave our winner the SOS facial which consists of cleansing and steaming the face and using a mask on the skin specific for the client’s skin needs.  She then chose moisturizers and serums based on Courtney’s particular needs and finished it all off with a shoulder, neck and facial massage.

Courtney thought the facial was so relaxing!  She said she loved laying there with the sounds of the ocean surrounding her while Kristin did her magic.  “It felt so nice to have all the harsh winter damage off my face!”

After the facial, Courtney was brought out front and treated to a manicure with Sheryl.  She loved the paraffin dip which made her dry, cracked, winter hands oh so very soft!

…Jivana Holistic Spa

Have you ever tried a mud wrap?  Well, Courtney was in for a treat at Jivana.  Jivana has what it calls a “passive immersion” soft pack flotation table.  What does that mean…well according to Courtney it was the coolest thing she had ever seen!  Apparently you lay there immersed in warm water with all pressure off your joints.  (Sounds better than 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep in my bed.)  Her treatment started with a dry brush massage and ended with a generous application of shea butter to moisturize her entire body.


Once her wrap was done Courtney skipped across the street for a different kind of wrap at Boloco.  For lunch she had a Cajun burrito bowl and chips.  A taste sensation she is still thinking about.



Stephen was in charge of Courtney’s makeover at Indigo.  Stephen said Courtney came into the salon with 10% gray hair (aren’t we all in that boat?) and some highlights that were done at a previous time.  She has very thick, curly/wavy hair but prefers to wear it straight.

During the color portion of the makeover Stephen did a blend of color to cover her gray.  He stayed on the same hair color level and added some warm tones to achieve the look Courtney was asking for.  For the hair cutting portion he cut about one inch off the length and gave her a side bang that would be worn to the right.  She wanted her hair to be thinned out so he did a blow out and straightened her hair to be able to thin it out since it was wavy.


While Stephen was starting Courtney’s hair transformation photographer Johanna with J. Silverman Photography showed up to snap some pictures of our winner’s time at Indigo.


Here are some thoughts from Courtney on her time with Stephen: “I met Stephen and I knew I was going to look great when I left.  We decided on some color that wasn’t too far from my naturally dark hair and a cut that would thin out my thick unruly waves.  I can’t say how much lighter I feel now!  It was different having a photographer there the whole time but Johanna was so sweet and made me feel comfortable with it all.”

Hannah was in charge of Courtney’s makeup.  She used a powder to even out her skin tone and used a neutral palette of colors to bring out her eyes and a high shine gloss to accentuate her lips.


…Pizzeria Verita

With her nails done, her body moisturized, and her hair and makeup complete Courtney was finally ready to show off her new look to her husband.  He met her at Pizzeria Verita where they split some anti-pasti appetizers and each ordered their own pizza.  Rave reviews on the food from both of them!


A few words from Courtney…

“I am so thankful for this day filled with pampering.  Like most moms, I always find myself putting other’s needs in front of my own and this has been a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with ME!  Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.  I feel like a million bucks!”


Want another shot at your own Mommy Makeover?  Well good news, another one is on its way in August.  Thank you again to MiniSpa VT, Jivana Holistic Spa, Boloco, Indigo, J. Silverman Photography, and Pizzeria Verita!  We could not have made any of this magic happen without your continued support.


  1. Courtney you look amazing! I hope you had a fantastic day. It is wonderful seeing so many businesses stepping up for a great day.


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