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{Disclaimer: We are working with ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care to bring you this post, however, all opinions are our own!}

When ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care contacted us about helping get the word out about what they offer Vermont families, I replied that we would love to help, but it would difficult to arrange since you can’t really plan an emergency.

Even though I had been to a local office myself for an ear infection, I didn’t feel I had a full enough experience to relay to our readers. We decided to wait and think creatively about how we could work together. Little did I know, my life would support my work in the most unexpected way!

Since becoming a mom to three boys, I have spent more time in the Emergency Room than I care to admit.

It seems to happen most often with my middle son, the poor, accident-prone one of the bunch. On our first visit to the ER when we moved to Vermont, I told the registration attendant, “Remember our names. We’ll be back.” On Labor Day, when it became clear that the cut on my son’s foot courtesy of a zebra mussel in the lake was much worse than, “A little cut, it’s no big deal mom!” I knew that stitches were in order.

I began to pack my ER bag. Moms, you know the one I’m talking about, the bag full of snacks, water bottles, a book, a phone charger, and a sweatshirt in case it gets cold. It’s the bag you prepare for the long haul that an ER visit can often require. It was in this moment that my son, who was bleeding through his sock, asked, “Why don’t we try that Urgent Care place?” I laughed. Here I am acting like a crazy person while my son, obviously accustomed to bleeding all over things and the impending ER wait, calmly thought of an alternate plan. 

It wasn’t something that I had considered in that moment, even though I was in the middle of discussions with the lovely people at ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care. Mom brain is real. My frazzled, kid-is-bleeding-everywhere mom brain is enough to shut the whole thinking part of my body right down! “Do they do stitches? Will they be open on a holiday? Will our insurance cover this?” were the questions running through my mind. A quick phone call and all of those questions were answered promptly by a very kind woman on the other end of the phone.

Yes, they do stitches. Yes, they are open on most holidays! Yes, my insurance would cover this.

I was so pleased, but brought along the ER bag just in case, anxious to see just how “urgent” this process would be. We were checked in right away when we arrived. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my only cost would be my insurance co-pay of $35.* Two minutes in and I had already saved $65 (considering that my ER co-pay is $100!) Despite there being multiple people in the waiting room, my son was seen very quickly. The doctor came in within moments of us arriving and agreed that stitches were in order. Three, to be exact. The doctor and nurses were kind and compassionate, constantly checking in with my son to be sure that he was comfortable. The wound was wrapped and at-home care instructions given. 

ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care
Not a happy camper.

In one hour, we checked in, paid, saw the nurse for vitals, got assessed by the doctor, received stitches and wound care, given at-home care instructions, and checked out. ONE HOUR!

Thanks to my active son not following post-stitch care instructions at school, we were back in the same office one week later to be sure he didn’t pop any stitches. That visit took us less than an hour. The third time we went in, to have the stitches removed (I told you, we are professionals at this) we were out in an hour and there was NO FEE for that visit.

To say my mind was blown by the quick, yet thorough care that the staff at ClearChoiceMD offered is an understatement!

ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care
Much happier at this visit, although still a teenager with the shrugging. I’m always impressed by how clean and calming the rooms are at ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care.

Urgent care is different from emergency care—an emergency is life-threatening. When you and your family are not able to see your regular family doctor or are faced with an urgent need that is not an emergency, ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care is the perfect option for Vermont families!

ClearChoiceMD Urgent CareWhat you should know about ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care before you go:

  • Open seven days a week and on most holidays
  • No appointments needed, just walk in
  • Owned and operated by physicians
  • Board-certified providers
  • On-site X-rays, labs, and prescriptions
  • Most insurance accepted, but not required
  • Most patients are in and out within an hour

Mom to mom and professional obligations aside, I highly recommend ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care Centers. In Vermont, you can find offices in Berlin, Brattleboro, Rutland, South Burlington, and St Albans. I hope you consider them for your family’s urgent care needs and tell them I sent you!

*Insurance acceptance and visit costs vary. Please check with your insurance company and ClearChoiceMD Urgent Care to find out what your coverage and costs will be.


  1. On that note, I’m glad you had a great experience. With the 3rd visit and no copay that’s the norm ifyou go back to where you had the stiches put in, they can NOT charge you to remove them. It’s part of the global billing for stiches.
    I had used them a few times and things for people to remember is Clear Choice is a for profit organization, they can and will turn you away if you do not have your copay. I know, I asked about it when I had to go to the St Albans site 1 time and did not have the money in my account.
    They are very fast though and very efficient. I would go there again.


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