Check Out the New, Free Xfinity Rewards Program and Watch Sing 2!

While this post has been sponsored by Xfinity, all opinions are my own.

I have been waiting with bated breath for months and months for Sing 2 to be released. I am simply so excited about this movie!

I tell people that my daughter wants to see it, or that we will see it together for a family movie night, but that’s just to hide the fact that I am the one who is dying to see Sing 2. As far as I’m concerned, you can take all the animated mice and yetis and whatever else, but leave me the singing pig and the swoony, heartthrob singing gorilla from Sing 2, and I am fine.

Yes, I called a cartoon gorilla a heartthrob. Please correct me if you don’t agree.

Here is the exciting part, though! Did you know that through December 31, 2021, you can rent the original animated Sing (2016) movie in the comfort of your home for $1 if you are an Xfinity Rewards member?

Xfinity has this great new rewards program. A new FREE rewards program created as a way for Xfinity to say thank you to its customers. I happened upon it because I always have an eye out for perks and discounts. I signed up for Xfinity Rewards in a minute and immediately found a reward I was super excited about! Signing up for Xfinity Rewards is simple and quick. 

Image of characters from Sing 2 in an ad for Xfinity RewardsThere are tons of other perks, discounts, and special experiences though, and I redeemed quite a few. You should look for yourself and not just take my word for it. Xfinity Rewards has perks that I am not just going to clip and save, these ones I am absolutely going to use because they feature discounts and rewards I am really interested in, and they are simple to use.

From the $1 movie rental of Sing on Xfinity X1 or on the Xfinity Stream app, to buy-one-get-one Fandango movie tickets that you can use to see Sing 2, to trying out Stingray Karaoke for 30 days free on Xfinity. (I can think of no better way to entertain myself while simultaneously annoying my preteen. It’s payback for all the years of not sleeping, right? Plus, I have a beautiful singing voice, according to my mom.)

Anyhow- you should just look for yourself. There are rewards related to lots of other things too. Signing up for Xfinity Rewards is simple and quick.

To help, I’ve made a to-do list like the ones all moms have somewhere. And if you’re a mom who can keep this stuff in your head, you are incredible.

  1. Sign up.
  2. Browse the fun rewards options. Fantasize about winning tickets to join a live studio audience (what would I wear, is my makeup going to be “natural” or “dramatic”, how should I react when I win a new car, can I act cool around Jimmy Fallon… no, probably not.)
  3. Get a complementary Fandango movie ticket (up to $20 value) when you buy 1 or more tickets to Sing 2 on the Fandango website or mobile app.
  4. Select the discount to watch the original Sing movie for $1 on X1 or Xfinity Stream.
  5. Hop on over to the Xfinity Store in Williston (yes, Williston) to pick up a FREE Sing 2 Movie Night Kit. Quantities are limited so please don’t wait.
  6. Get your kids excited for this fun movie night by downloading the free Sing 2 activity sheets available through Xfinity Rewards. There’s a word search, tic tac toe, a maze, and more- totaling 17 pages of fun!

***Please note: Sing 2 rewards are only available from 12/1-12/31, so please don’t miss out on this fun offer.

I am so excited for my family movie night and for watching Sing 2. I plan on popping popcorn and making my favorite special treat- seltzer with maple syrup. Could it get any more Vermont in here? If you want to try your own, just add some Vermont maple syrup to your chilled seltzer. I like the flavor, and I love that I get to control how much sugar I consume. If I am feeling really ambitious, I might whip up some sugar cookies, but we will see. Sometimes, it’s nice to underachieve, and let Xfinity do the heavy lifting. Moms deserve a break too.


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