BVTMB’s 1st Annual Holiday Party and Photos with Santa Recap!


We had so much fun during our Holiday Party and Photos with Santa a few weeks ago!

Kid Logic Learning was not only our host (and an amazing one at that!) but they were our sponsor, and we couldn’t have done it without them! Several of the activities we were able to offer during the party would not have been possible without access to their awesome classroom toys and activities. And wasn’t their space perfect? Looking into daycare/pre-school for your kiddos?  They have programs for infants through Pre-K and participate in the STARS program.

holiday recap1

We are so thankful to Doughnut Dilemma for providing such tasty doughnuts for the kiddos to decorate. Although a bit messy they seemed to love them!

holiday recap9

We enjoyed watching the kiddos play games and have fun probably almost as much as they did!

holiday recap10

We are very thankful to our food sponsors for providing such nutritious delicious snacks!

VT Smoke & Cure

holiday recap2

Vermont Village Applesauce

holiday recap3

Happy Family

holiday recap4

And maybe best of all, the Photos with Santa Claus could NOT have been better.

We are so lucky to have Luann Bailey of LuannBailey Photography on our team.

holiday recap7

From the background, to capturing the photo and editing and sending the photos out in a matter of days the pictures were completely Luann’s vision.

holiday recap5

holiday recap6

Oh, and we can’t forget our Santa Claus.

A special thank you to David Gagnon, aka Kris Kringle, an authentic and warm Santa!

holiday recap8

We hope you all had as much fun as we did and that we will see you again next year. Because one thing is for sure, we will be doing this event again next year!

holiday recap11

The BVTMB team is wishing you and yours a warm and happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!


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