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With the beginning of each new year comes the resolution talk. The most common New Years Resolution, especially for women, seems to be losing weight. While there is nothing wrong with this, I was hoping that we, as a blog team and community of moms, could begin this new year a little differently.

How about this for a New Years resolution:

I resolve to embrace myself just as I am.

I resolve to fight to love myself each day no matter what the scale says and despite any flaws I see reflected in that mirror. 

Rather than fighting all year to change myself, I will fight to love myself- right where I’m at.

I resolve to stop letting our backwards society dictate what is beautiful and proudly reflect what true beauty looks like…

body after babies contributors

As I watched over forty of you participate in our photo shoot last weekend I was blown away by the beauty that filled that room. So many loving mothers with bodies that held stunning reminders of the life they had brought forth.

This series is about celebration. Through the images of real mother’s bodies and authentic women’s words, we are opening up a conversation that is long overdue. We value the spirits of each and every mother and it is time that we unleash our incredible beauty together. It is time for honesty. It’s time for freedom. It’s time to redefine what beauty is.

Come back tomorrow and Wednesday to read more from our contributors and guest bloggers as they open up about their own bodies and the struggle to embrace them as they are now.

A huge thank you to North Photography (the amazing photographer of the photos above), Artemis FitnessCedar Wood Natural Health Center, and Spotlight On Dance for sponsoring this series. We are so grateful to have the support!


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  1. What an amazing and real look at proud women. I appreciate the personal information on number of pregnancies vs. number of children. As someone who recently experienced a miscarriage, it helps me keep in perspective that it happens to other women and I will one day soon be pregnant with a healthy baby. Thank you for you supportive blog and Facebook page.

    • Best wishes to you, EMH! Both of my children are “rainbow babies”, babies conceived after miscarriage (and both while I still would have been pregnant). I hope you experience the same joy. I still am unsure how to grieve, but you’re right, there’s something about hearing that others have gone through the same thing that unites us, lends support, and gives us hope.

  2. I can’t seem to see all the pictures, the slide show hits a hiccup around the 5th or 6th photo. Should I try something different? Maybe its my computer?

  3. Brave, Courageous group of woman!!! ROCK ON !! #truebeauty Thank you for starting the conversation and redefining beauty!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!


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