Bays English Muffins: Our Family’s Favorite for Quick and Easy Meals


{Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post; while the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me by Bays English Muffins to review this product.}

While I love to cook, as a mom, some days I just need quick and easy options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On those days, I usually turn to English muffins as a mealtime staple, since I always keep them on hand for this purpose. As a result, I was thrilled with the opportunity to write a sponsored post for Bays English Muffins.

 Bays English Muffins


In Vermont, you can find Bays English Muffins at Shaw’s supermarkets, Wal-Mart superstores, and most recently at Tops Friendly Markets in Hardwick, Northfield, and Rutland with a $1.00 on-package coupon!

Currently, Bays is running a sweepstakes where you can win a case (12 packages!) of their English Muffins. Look for them in the dairy aisle near the milk, eggs, and cheese. Since you refrigerate Bays English Muffins, they stay fresh for up to a month, and the freshness makes a difference in the taste, too. Unlike regular ones, Bays English Muffins taste moist and fresh-baked when they come out of the toaster, especially if you use the bagel setting to warm the outside without toasting.

Bays English Muffins

Having given you all the details, here are my family’s favorite ways to eat Bay’s English Muffins:

Breakfast Sandwiches

I work outside of the home, and I try to stay healthy. While I know it’s important for me to eat breakfast, weekday mornings are also our busiest time, and sitting down to eat before I leave the house usually doesn’t happen. I try to avoid fast-food or convenience store breakfasts, but I crave a good, hearty breakfast sandwich to start my day.

To set myself up for success, I scramble eggs the night before a workday and then heat them up in the microwave while toasting a Bays English Muffin. Grabbing a square of aluminum foil, I slide the heated eggs on the toasted English muffin, sprinkle it with cheese, top off the sandwich, and wrap it tightly in the foil. When I get to work, I unwrap and eat this yummy, satisfying, still-warm treat.

As a delicious breakfast treat, we also love this idea to make Bays English Muffins into French Toast!

Picky Eater Lunches

My daughter daily stages a different version of her picky eater stance. For example, she likes pasta for dinner on Thursday, but not for lunch on Saturday. In the middle of eating tacos, she suddenly declares them “disgusting” and requests macaroni and cheese instead. Additionally, she gets nervous about going through the process of buying hot lunch. On more than one occasion, she skipped lunch entirely at school, in order to avoid the stress of the lunch line.

Even given these tendencies, my daughter, without fail, gobbles up two types of Bays English Muffin sandwiches for lunch: smeared in cream cheese or layered with sunbutter and Nutella. On the days when I pack her this lunch, I derive comfort from knowing she eats a balanced meal with protein and carbs rather than going hungry. When I add an applesauce, she gets fruit as well.

Hamburger Bun Replacement

When we dine on homemade hamburgers, my kids eat just the meat, no bun. At a certain point, it struck me as silly to buy an entire package of buns only for my husband and I to eat three of them and watch the other five go to waste in a moldy mess. When I stopped buying buns and used Bays English Muffins instead, we gained the added of bonus of dining on hamburgers any night without needing to run out and buy hamburger buns.

Comfort for Upset Tummies

Stomach bugs run rampant like wildfire through schools, especially this year in Vermont. When I encourage my kids to try eating again, I first offer them a lightly buttered Bays English Muffin. I know they feel better when they ask me for seconds.

Bays English Muffin, sponsored post
Can you see how the butter sinks in? Great for little upset tummies.

Appetizers for Any Gathering

This year for my husband’s Easter family gathering we decided to spice up our potluck option. Instead of bringing our usual, bland (though delicious) macaroni and cheese, we went with our favorite, most addictive buffalo chicken dip with toasted Bays English Muffins as the dip carriers. We got tons of compliments from our family this year. Want to try it? Here’s the recipe:

[yumprint-recipe id=’4′]


[yumprint-recipe id=’5′]

Has your family tried Bays English Muffins? How do you creatively integrate English muffins into your mealtimes?

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