Babywearing Saved My Workout


I love babywearing and I like to workout.

Wondering how the two go together? I didn’t think of it at first either, but here’s how it happened. After the birth of my second baby, I so badly wanted to get back to working out as soon as possible.  For me getting a work out had become a lifestyle prior to this pregnancy. It wasn’t about pressure to lose the baby weight, it was about getting back to me. Working out gave me 30 minutes to do something for myself that made me a better mom. Babywearing was already part of my daily routine, but I needed to do more then flexing my biceps to get coffee to my mouth and baby bounce cardio!!

But I’m a rule follower…

So I counted down the days to my 6-week appointment and waited to be cleared by the doctor.

Working out helps me manage my anxiety and helps me feel strong, confident and productive.  I am learning the ropes as a mother of two and can use help in all these areas!! So as soon as I was cleared I went home ready to workout! I even purchased a swing with this baby, as everyone seemed to put their babies in a swing to workout! But my sweet daughter had other plans. I got five minutes into my workout and she started crying with all her might and could only be soothed by mama. The next night I tried again. 10 minutes in and she was not having it! Repeat every night after that. You get the idea.  I was started to get frustrated and discouraged. I just NEEDED to get my sweat on! I’d just committed to 21 days of fitness with a group of clients and I didn’t want to be making any excuses. After a particularly difficult attempt of stopping and starting, it hit me…BABYWEARING! I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner! Even one of my clients suggested I try a babywearing workout. Like a lot of newborn babies C loves to be worn in a baby carrier so I crossed my fingers and the next night I strapped her into the ring sling and got my lower workout done! The next night I strapped her on my husband and got through a whole 30-minute workout uninterrupted. Babywearing win!!!


Between the two of us I was able to complete my fitness goal in February and start to feel like myself again.

But there were some days when I had to modify the workout in order to wear her and it got me thinking, “what moves can I do wearing C and still get a good workout?” After doing a little web research and testing I came up with my own babywearing workout!  I  crank up some motivating tunes and do each exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds in between and repeat the whole thing 3-4 times.

Babywearing Set

High Knees for 1 minute

Forward lunges

Sumo Squats alternate Regular Squats with each set

Reverse Lunges

Squat Pulse

Bicep Curls

Tricep Kickbacks or Bench dips

High Knees in place for 1 minute



Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer or expert! This is just what works for me and my baby and maybe it’ll work for you too! Make sure your baby is secure in a good fitting carrier and always be aware of head and neck support.

How do you get your workouts in with kids?



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