All the Kid-Friendly Options at Hinesburg Restaurants


I’ll cut to the chase and say the best family-friendly dining tip is to just not do it.

I’m kidding… kind of! Dining out was much easier when my family was smaller and I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. I’d rather save most of my meals out for friends and date nights at my favorite Hinesburg restaurants. 

But sometimes I feel like venturing out to one of our beloved Hinesburg restaurants with my family. We love supporting local eateries.

Even though I’m a chef, I adore a good meal prepared by someone else. Honestly, it’s pretty magical when someone else does all the work and cleanup, even if the dinner conversation leaves a little to be desired. 

When timed appropriately (early, like 4:30 pm!) and planned in advance, dinner with my husband and children can be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

a little girl sitting at a table at a restaurant with food in front of her

What are the best Hinesburg restaurants for kids?

We have lived in Hinesburg for 6 years and it didn’t take long for us to try every restaurant in town. We only have a few, which is ok, because the dining scene still offers a bit of variety and they’re all family-friendly.

Parkside Cafe 

When you are coming down Rt. 116, Parkside Cafe is one of the first things you’ll see in Hinesburg Village. Formally Bristol Bakery, the breakfast and lunch spot is now operated by the same owner as Baba’s Tacos. 

What should you order for the kids?

Bagels, pastries, and breakfast tacos are the way to go here. They also have colorful, refreshing smoothies that are large enough for two little kids to share. 

For the adults, don’t skip the empanadas. They are incredible. The empanada meal comes with a green salad and fried plantains. It’s big enough for me to share with my one-year-old.

Hinesburgh Public House 

The important thing to know about Hinesburgh Public House is that it has outdoor space… and a lot of it! 

During the warmer months, you can sit outside, maybe actually relax and enjoy yourself, while the kids play in the large green area with cornhole, bocce ball, and tetherball. 

What should you order for the kids?

They have a kids’ menu with meals ranging from $8-12. It’s very basic, kid-friendly food, but that is just what you need. The chicken wings are great if your kids are into that kind of thing.

For the adults, there is a great bar selection if you’re looking for a fun cocktail. The fried Brussels sprouts and Fish and Chips are my favorite things on their menu. 

a cup of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles

Papa Nicks 

This is one of the Hinesburg restaurants your kids will pine for. Why? Papa Nicks has creemees!

They have a creemee window and a full menu for dining inside or outside at one of their picnic tables. 

What should you order for the kids?

The menu has something for everyone like grinders, seafood platters, burgers, pizzas, and amazing Greek food. They also have reasonably priced kids’ meals. Everyone in my family loves the fried clams strips. You don’t see them on menus that much anymore!

Good Times Cafe 

Surely you have heard of Matryoshka’s Bakery by now. Maryam makes the most beautiful and delicious macaroons and other desserts. Did you know that she and her husband also own and operate one of the best Hinesburg restaurants, Good Times Cafe?

What should you order for the kids?

Well, my kids love the spicy, creamy Crawfish Louisianne. But I can’t imagine all kids feel the same. Adults, you need to try it. 

A basic Sicilian crust cheese pizza is our go-to for kids. It has a soft crust that can be cut up into strips for easy kid-eating. And, of course, don’t forget to try the desserts! The Russian Tea Cake is one of the best desserts I’ve ever had (and I have had A LOT of desserts). 

Honorable mentions for Hinesburg restaurants

These four Hinesburg restaurants are not all our little town has for food offerings. There are a few other places that offer wonderful to-go options ‌your kids will love. 

Paisley Hippo is a sandwich shop ‌people venture down to Hinesburg for. Their cheesesteaks are perfection. The kids will love their Mac and Cheese bites or Corn Dog bites. 

Lantman’s Market has recently expanded their prepared meals on top of their already popular deli counter. If you’re looking for a simple sub, this is your best option. My kids will tell you that the turkey sub is one of their favorite lunches.

A few things to keep in mind about Hinesburg restaurants

A lot of them are not open on Mondays. Everyone deserves a day off, especially after a crazy weekend. But, for whatever reason, we always want take-out food on a Monday! Folino’s it is! (With locations in Shelburne and Williston, this is another family favorite.) Or we can always find great spots in Shelburne

Everyone at all the Hinesburg restaurants I’ve listed is so friendly and accommodating to families with young kids. We moved here from Washington DC, where there are plenty of restaurants that are not kid-friendly. One of our favorite things about living in Vermont is that everything is casual and families are not expected to stay home. 

Have you ever eaten at any of these Hinesburg restaurants? What did you think? Are there any gems I have yet to try? 


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