5 Must-Have Xfinity Gifts for the Family That Has Everything!

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5 Must-Have Xfinity Gifts for the Family That Has Everything!

Bonus – you can have it all in time for Christmas!

2nd Annual Xfinity Couples Night Out Recap and Must-Have Gift Guide!

The 2nd Annual Couples Night Out at Xfinity was not only fun and games – but holiday shopping as well! The takeaway from this event – head straight to the Xfinity in South Burlington for all the gifts you never knew you needed!

Gift #1: The Xfinity X1 Remote

xfinity remote control

If you have Xfinity X1, make sure you also have the Xfinity X1 Voice Remote – a fun and easy way to search for TV networks, shows, movies, set DVR recordings, change the channel, get recommendations, navigate Xfinity On Demand and more, all with English or Spanish vocal commands… this is probably one of the coolest aspects of Xfinity X1. I had a blast trying out different searches and being surprised by all the different things Xfinity X1 could do! It’s easier than you’d expect – check out how easy and fun the X1 voice remote is to use – How to: Voice Control Remote Video.

If you don’t yet have Xfinity X1, visit the South Burlington Xfinity Store to see if you are eligible for a free upgrade!

 Seriously – this will be a family favorite gift this holiday season – go get one now!

Gift #2: Xfinity Home

Xfinity Home

Give the gift of home security and automation. With Xfinity Home, it’s not just home security. Xfinity Home makes it possible for you to easily control lights, thermostats, cameras, and even lock-unlock doors remotely. This would be a gift that keeps on giving – no kidding, mine is on the way and I can’t wait! 

This is an entire gift package for controlling all things “home”:

  • 24/7 professional monitoring that can be armed and disarmed remotely.
  • Access to home security and automation system at home through the touchscreen console on your TV screen through Xfinity or X1, or on the go through a web-based portal, or via the Xfinity Home app on a mobile device.
  • Live video monitoring to see what is going on when away from home via live video streams from wireless cameras positioned in and outside the home.
  • Ability to manage energy consumption by controlling lights and thermostat remotely.
  • Video tutorialXfinity Home – quick and easy!
  • Notifications to let you know when a door is opened. That’s right, you can know when your teenager is home and stays home!

With our busy schedules and family members coming and going, Xfinity Home offers peace of mind = 365 days of holiday gratitude!

Gift #3: KID ZONE on X1

xfinity kid zone

Give your kids the gift of safety media consumption – and give yourself peace of mind!

This feature on Xfinity and Xfinity On Demand is programmed to ensure that what your kids are watching is safe and age-appropriate. BVTMB moms know that each family is unique. So, Xfinity has taken this program to the next level by simplifying ways to customize your child’s viewing options with parental PINS, age controls, lock programs, and easy entry and exit into and out of Kids Zone. Kids Zone offers a safe and secure place for kids to independently explore their favorite content and discover new programming… This feature is amazing. Literally, all of my kiddos’ favorite television shows and movies are all on one screen. You can set up a parental code so that they CANNOT get out of this section. Love it!

  • Specially tailored-for-TV apps – features such as YouTube, Pandora, sports updates, weather apps, and Netflix- and soon Prime Video.
  • Integrated Common Sense Media ratings and reviews directly on the TV, helping parents determine what content is appropriate for different ages…another game changer.
  • BONUS – gift #1 makes Gift #3 even more fun! – The Xfinity X1 Voice Remote – a fun and easy way for kids to easily and safely search for TV networks, shows, movies, set DVR recordings, change the channel, get recommendations, navigate Xfinity On Demand and more.
  • Check out how fast and easy it is to use: BVTMB KidZone Tutorial.

Gift #4: Xfinity xFi Gateway and the Xfinity xFi App

You have seen the commercials – now make this Xfinity gift a reality for your family! Know who is on what device, for how long and yep – turn off all devices with one touch! #parentalgamechanger. This is one gift that will be sure to make your life easier. All while giving you the precious gift of peace of mind. You will save loads of time not tracking all your kid’s devices and usage.

Here is why Xfinity xFi is a game-changer that vastly improves the way millions of people are interacting with their home WiFi network:

  • Overview – View your WiFi name/password and network activity, troubleshoot connection issues and more.
  • Users – Create user profiles and organize your devices by the people who use them.
  • Devices – View all of the connected devices in your home and devices that have previously connected over the past six months.
  • Network – View and change your WiFi name or password and network security settings, check the connection status of your xFi Gateway (and your Pods, if applicable), and access your Gateway’s advanced settings.
  • More – Troubleshoot connectivity issues, find answers to frequently asked questions, view video tutorials and submit your feedback about xFi.
  • Notification Center – View real-time notifications about your home network and manage your notification preferences.

Gift #5: A FREE Gift! Yep – we said FREE!

Download the Xfinity Hotspots App on your loved one’s phone.

This gift is the gift of no more buffering, live streaming anywhere, and so much more.

SAVE YOUR DATA this Holiday Season by giving the gift of activating Xfinity WiFi Hotspots. As you know, WiFi is the primary way consumers connect to the Internet today. Stop receiving those texts letting you know when you’re nearing your data limit on your mobile device and use WiFi instead. Seriously – enough! Download the Xfinity WiFi Hotpots app and access Xfinity WiFi within range. Stream, watch live, Pin, surf the web, listen to music – and– save your cell phone data!

  • As an Xfinity Internet customer, you have access to over 19 million Xfinity WiFi Hotspots Nationwide.
  • Stay safe while out and about – get access to new security features at select hotspots across the country.
  • Most Xfinity Internet customers can enjoy Xfinity WiFi Hotspots at no additional cost.
  • Save on your wireless data plan.

What’s better than giving the gift of free, no stress series binging?!?

Bonus Stocking Stuffer!

No more searching for the perfect spot for WiFi in your house, thanks to Xfinity xFi Pods, which extend reliable WiFi coverage to hard-to-reach areas in your home. No more dead spots!

These Xfinity xFi Pods are simple and quick to set up, as well as being an affordable gift that gives back all year long.

What a fun night and we cannot wait to do it again!

We all had a delightful and informative night out at the Xfinity Store in South Burlington at this sold-out, free event. The tasty bites from Love Local Catering were not only beautiful but absolutely delicious and kept us coming back for more. If you have any catering needs, we here at Burlington VT Moms Blog highly suggest using Love Local Catering. Xfinity also provided incredibly generous gift bags to all attendees too- we are all loving our locally made goodies: maple syrup, Vermont Flannel Company, Lake Champlain Chocolates, and more! 


The team at the Xfinity Store in  South Burlington really knows what they are doing. Go in today and show them this list – they can have you in and out hassle free! Your family will have a cheer-filled holiday season – and no one will be the wiser that these are all gifts for you, too!

You don’t want to miss the next event – check out how much fun we all had!

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