3.20 Establishing a Strong Family with Mell and Joe Hashey


In this episode, Julie and Val are joined by Mell and Joe Hashey to talk about choosing core family values.

Joe Hashey has a Masters in Education from Colgate University and was a successful high school Social Studies teacher and local youth coach. His father’s death from preventable health issues while he was in college led him to start a personal training company to help busy adults live healthier lives. Joe became a business consultant after realizing that he was neglecting his family while running his company. He now uses his business expertise to guide his family.

Mell Hashey has a Masters in Social Work from NYU and worked as a family counselor for 5 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom after her second son was born. She actively participates in her children’s school, volunteering in their classrooms and serving on the middle school Student Accountability Committee. Mell is dedicated to being a present and intentional mother throughout her sons’ childhood.

Together, Joe and Mell founded Strong Family Co.

All the things…

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