3.18 The Support System Every New Mom Needs with Lauren Hays & Megan Dalton


In this episode, Val and Julie are joined by Lauren Hays & Megan Dalton, co-founders of The Matrescence.

Matrescence was born out of a desire to provide more maternal support after personally facing bouts of debilitating anxiety, feelings of loneliness, and in an attempt to seek validation and connection. They are two moms (Lauren is a board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and boy mom times three and Megan a marketing guru and mom of 3 under 6) on a mission to change the landscape of maternal mental health and to identify its role and importance to overall wellness. The Matrescence is a digital maternal mental health community and app providing a space to learn, heal, and grow!

Follow The Matrescence on Instagram @thematrescence.

All the things…

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