2.15 Pumping, Poop, and Podcasting with Alice from The Prosecutors


In our latest episode of Whose Kid is That?!?, we were joined by Alice, one-half of the team over at The Prosecutors podcast!

Alice is a native Texan, a graduate of Yale Law school, and a mean fiddler player. In another life, she was a dancer, but now the courtroom is her stage. When she’s not prosecuting, she’s hanging with her husband and wrangling her two adorable children.

Check out a little sneak peek at our interview with Alice from The Prosecutors:

Julie: One of the reasons we reached out to you in particular, was because you’re a lawyer, you have an incredibly successful podcast, and you have young children. And it’s sort of that whole trope of like, “Oh, these moms, they can do everything. They’re superheroes.” So we want to know a little bit about how you balance it all. But I also want to know, does that idea of the mom as the superhero, does that drive you crazy? Or do you embrace it?

Alice: Well, first of all, that’s so nice of you to say. I joke all the time that I do lots of things very poorly. I do none of them well, but I think it’s a disservice to all moms who are trying to do their best – moms, lawyers, women in the professional field – if you pretend to like it’s easy. We try to be very real about it. And we’re like, “Yeah, I’m a lawyer, and a mom of crazy children” because my kids are like, super active and doing a podcast after kids go to bed. But like, do not be under any impression that’s easy. I employ so many people to help me with so many things.

And also, I don’t go to bed before 1 or 2 AM. That’s not sustainable. I will probably die young and it’s okay. But

I think what’s number one is to recognize the superhero thing. It’s not real, and everyone is just trying their best to do all the things before them well.

And there are seasons of life. I started this podcast with my co-host Brett, literally when I had a newborn because I was on maternity leave and I was awake at 2 AM So I’m like, well if I’m awake and I can’t go to sleep because my baby won’t go to sleep, I might as well research some cases. So it just worked out that way, that when you feel like you have no time, you just start to fit it in. And it made me feel like I had something else other than at that time, it was full-time mom because I was on maternity leave. It was nice to actually have an outlet and talk to my best friend about true crime, which wasn’t my life.

I think you guys probably know this very well, I think if you’re going to be able to do lots of things, especially when you’re in a stage of life, where career and family are busy. Everything that you do has to be something that you’re passionate about, if it’s not something you care about, it’s just not worth it. There are too many costs to it at this stage in life.

I’m really lucky I’m still a lawyer because it’s not a given. A lot of people leave the legal field men and women because it’s a really tough field to stay in. I’ve been lucky enough to kind of keep having jobs that are really fulfilling.

And the same with the podcast. Brett and I talk all the time, we’re like, the second this feels like work, we should stop because this was supposed to be an outlet, it’s supposed to be fun.

Val: Yeah, that comes out on your podcast. It does just seem like you guys have a great time together. And you are both so knowledgeable in whatever topic it is you guys are discussing. And it comes out. I think that’s why you guys are so successful.

Julie: It’s so true, though that like when your time is limited as it is for most moms, you don’t want to spend it on things that aren’t going to make you happy or fill your cup in some way.

Alice: Absolutely. And the other thing that it sounds like, just in the little bit of time we’ve had together, you include the people you love in it. Even though Brett and I are actually on the podcast, we are actually on a continuous text chain with our spouses who feed us ideas and make fun of us. Like they’ll be listening to the podcast and simultaneously making fun of us. They’re usually listening on the other side of the door and making fun of us in real-time. It just makes it so fun to have an additional thing where it’s not just your thing, but you actually get to bring people you love into it.

We continue the convo with…

  • Moms as superheroes trope
  • Making time for what makes you happy
  • The Ok to Wake Clock
  • Why moms love True Crime
  • What unsolved crimes we want answers to

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