18. 5 Things We Didn’t Know About the JonBenet Ramsey Case


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5 Things We Didn’t Know About the JonBenet Murder Mystery

1. Their financial status

Patsy was a SAHM, John was a breadwinner. At the time of the murder, his company was valued at $1 billion and his personal net worth was $6.4 million.

2. Family friends came the day of and cleaned the house/scene of the murder.

Obviously, this destroyed loads of evidence. The Boulder, CO police were ill-equipped to handle the crime scene and investigation. This was the only recorded murder in Boulder in 1996.

3. They called in a retired investigator, Lou Smit to investigate!

He was really good like solved every murder case, and he resigned from the case because the PD was so focused on the parents as suspects and he ruled them out and was focused on an intruder theory. Lou Smit’s daughters have taken over his work (which went on even after he resigned from the case).

4. New DNA as of 2020 can help!

However, Boulder PD doesn’t seem to be actively investigating anymore. Another agency can’t step in unless Boulder asks for help. As of May 2022 – John Ramsey has petitioned the Governor to have an outside agency take over DNA testing in the investigation.

5. Patsy Ramsey died in 2006 of ovarian cancer

Patsy died with no closure. Since then, John has remarried.

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