10 Man-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas


man, roses, paper, pipeLet’s be real here: Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly topping anyone’s favorite holiday list. The phrase “man-friendly Valentine’s Day” may seem like an oxymoron. Some of you are probably thinking Valentine’s Day isn’t even a real holiday. Well, Halloween isn’t a real holiday either, but everyone loves that.

Isn’t it interesting how, as a society, we prefer a holiday that celebrates FEAR over a holiday that celebrates LOVE?

Look, I’m not here to discuss human psychology. I’ll let you ponder the depths of that riddle. No, I’m here to offer you some ideas for a man-friendly Valentine’s Day because, you know, this world isn’t man-friendly enough. Cue the eye roll. But, seriously, these shake-it-up ideas could be fun for both of you.

So, without further ado, here we go with 10 man-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas:

10. Have Some Laughs

We are so lucky to have a fantastic live-comedy venue at Vermont Comedy Club in downtown Burlington. This February 14, Matthew Broussard takes the stage with two shows, one at 7pm and one at 9pm, so touch base with the babysitter and pick a time before it sells out. 

9. Beat the Clock

Interactive Escape Room games have been all the rage lately and we have locations in both Burlington and Williston. Trap yourselves in a room with strangers (or pair up with some other couples for a group date) and try to find your way out via clues before the clock runs out. It sounds terrifying, but it’s actually really fun. OK, fine, I haven’t actually tried it yet, but all of my friends seem to love it.

8. Live Music

Head to Higher Ground in South Burlington for a night of grooving to a live band (you know, just like Mister Chris & Friends, but for grownups!). This Valentine’s Day, space rock band Papadosio headlines — I mean, they have “papa” right in their name — with rock powerhouse Aqueous as the opening act. This will be just like before you had kids! You may want to hit up that Starbucks before heading into the show, though.

7. Let Him Pick the Restaurant

Planning on a more traditional route with a dinner out? Let him pick the place. Whether it’s Hen of the Wood or Al’s, you have to agree!

6. Let Him Pick the Movie

Similarly, if you decide to go to a movie, let him decide what you’ll be seeing. My husband let me pick the movie once and I took him to see Gravity. He hates Sandra Bullock. I kinda owe him one.

5. Hit the Lanes!

bowling, man, pins, bowling alleyWho doesn’t love bowling? Actually, I never really liked bowling that much. Recently, though, we’ve been going bowling as a family and I have found myself getting a lot better. I’m down to only four or five gutter balls per game! In fact, I’ve been itching to go out to bowl without my kids distracting me (because, duh, it’s obviously their fault I’m still not breaking 100). 

4. Go to the Arcade!

Have you been to the Archives bar in Burlington yet? You guys, it’s all of your old favorite games — Pac-Man, Marble Madness, Centipede, and more — but with a place to put your beer down. Life is good.

3. Jump It Out!

Get Air in Williston is open til 10pm on Wednesday nights — sounds like a fun way to celebrate love to me, jumping for joy! Or, if you really want to go crazy, wait until the weekend and hit up Club Air from 9pm til midnight. Believe it or not, Club Air is exactly what it sounds like: a dance club on trampolines.

2. Taste Some Brews

beer, tasting, pintsDoes your guy love beer? You should totally consider a city brew tour in Burlington! You can either get a sitter for the 5pm option or, for extra naughty points, play hooky from work while the kids are at school and go for the lunch tour. 

1. Just Do IT

You had to know IT was coming. Yes, it. Ladies, I’m talking about sex. He loves it. You love(d) it? So, let’s do it. Let’s get it on.

One last idea — why not show your guy this man-friendly Valentine’s Day list and let him pick his favorite? What are some other fun date ideas?


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