Your Organized Car


organized car

Are you ready to fight the clutter?

Let’s tackle your car today!

You can use these clever ideas to maintain an organized car.

1. Keep your cup holders clean with silicone cupcake liners!  

I think this is genius because the cup holder always gets grimy and it’s so hard to clean it out. Reusable, washable and easy, all the traits a mom looks for it a product or solution.

Organized Car 3

2. Contain loose change!  

I’ve always thought those gum containers could be reused for something.  Here it is – store your loose change in it.  They fit perfectly into your cup holder.  It’s portable so it could be moved about the car if you needed to and it’s covered.

Organized Car 2

3. Keep important documents together!  

Is your glove box a mess?  Is it a place to just shove papers into?  Use a mini accordion file to keep all your paperwork organized and neat.   Things to put in there include: registration, proof of insurance, and a Child Information Card (Free Printable for Car Seats).  I think the child information card is so important.  I didn’t attach mine to the car seat instead I put it with my important documents.

Organized Car 1

4. Have a trash can!

Store where you or your messy one will have easy access to it.  Perhaps behind the passenger seat, you and your toddler can reach it.  Or in the driver’s door pocket, everyone hands their trash to you.

5. Junk in the Trunk no more!

Use a shower caddy to organize all your car fluids.  When organizing, always think about how easy it is to put things away and versatility.

Organized Car 8

6. Keep reusable grocery bags together!

I often forget my grocery bags at home.  Solution: store in the car.  After-all, you’ll be using the car to go to the grocery store!  Use a file tote for easy transportation back to the car.

Organized Car 4

7. Organize the kids!  

Utilize the back of the front seat to keep kids’ things organized.  A simple organizer from the dollar will do.  Or upcycle a beverage carrier to store between seats.

Organized Car 9

Organized Car 7

7. The ultimate Mini-van, SUV or Wagon Storage!

The pictures speak for themselves!

Organized Car 6

Organized Car 5

8. Kids’ car kit!  In the event of a forgotten item from home, create “Car Kits” for each child.  I share all the details on how you can make your own.

kids car kit

Happy Organizing!


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