Your Life, Your Camera: Learning to Take Better Photos


So I got this shiny new camera right before Maggie was born. I was dying to take a step up from my point and click camera that we had had for years, but wasn’t quite ready to jump into the Canon Rebel category (way to intimidating for this momma), so we settled on this beauty…

Canon Powershot


A Canon Powershot SX510. I loved that it had great reviews, was compact and lightweight, and was a step up from what I had been using.


I quickly realized that I didn’t know how to use the thing. Sure, I was getting better pictures than I was with my previous camera, but I was still frustrated that I knew they could be even better.

Anyone else have a similar story? Bought a new, fancy camera to take all of those amazing pictures of your kids and family, but are still using it like a point and click camera because you just can’t figure out what all those darn settings, numbers, and letters, actually mean?

This is why I was so excited when I heard about Kristy Dooley and Genevieve Trono’s class called “Your Life, Your Camera”!

Your Life, Your Camera

The “Your Life Your Camera” workshop was designed to help people like me learn how to better use their DSLR cameras. Topics discussed include:
Beyond Automatic Mode
How to Find and Use Light
Basic Composition and Framing
How to Capture Genuine Moments

I really loved this workshop! Kristy and Genevieve did a great job of packing a lot of information into a several hour workshop. They hit on some great, foundational basics for those of us that are looking to get off the automatic mode on our cameras, while still offering up some great tips and tricks for those that were ready to start diving into some more complex aspects of photography.

I enjoyed the size of the class (12 people), as it allowed for lots of questions and interaction with both Kristy and Genevieve. After talking through some of the topics above, we got the chance to go outside and start practicing (although it was REALLY cold out!), which was great!

Playing with light
Playing with light

Because it was so cold out, we didn’t last that long, and came inside for some more practice as the sun was beginning to set.

Kristy Dooley Workshop

I loved learning about shutter speed, ISO, and aperture, and realizing that I didn’t have to be a professional photographer and know and understand what those terms meant and how to use them. I quickly realized that I could take my camera off of automatic, and with a lot of practice, take a pretty good shot on manual!

Since the workshop, I have been trying to practice my photography skills a couple times a week. I’ve noticed that my pictures are getting better and better as I continue to play with shutter speed, ISO, and aperture as well as creativity with my photos.

One of the ideas that Kristy shared was doing a 5-minute photo shoot with your kids. I LOVED this idea, especially for the reason Kristy stated- our little ones are constantly growing and changing, and the facial expressions they do now, won’t be ones that they have a couple months from now. This little photo shoot is a great way to capture them as they are, right at that moment. So here is my 5-minute photo shoot results for both Nora and Maggie.

5-minute photo Shoot

5-minute photo shoot Maggie

I have yet to take my camera off of manual mode since completing the workshop, and for someone who only shot in automatic, I would say that is a pretty big achievement!

Are you interested in learning more about your camera and how to take better pictures? Kristy and Genevieve will be doing more of these workshops, and their next one is scheduled for Sunday, April 13. Contact Kristy Dooley today to reserve your spot, as seats are limited!  [email protected]



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