Xfinity’s Night Out Recap!


We had a blast getting spoiled by Xfinity at their Ladies/Couples night out a few weeks ago! Were you there?! If not, read on to see the fun!

{Disclaimer: We’re working with Xfinity to bring you this post, however, the opinions are all our own! Also, many of these photos were provided to BVTMB by Xfinity.}

The Food

Xfinity started off the night by providing some of the best local food and drink in the area from Have Your Cake Catering. Everything was delicious and the pulled pork sliders and desserts were absolutely my favorite. Pairing my food with an ice cold Citizen’s Cider was perfect. I’m not embarrassed to say that many on our team and others went up for seconds… and maybe fourths of the food!

The Giveaways

Everyone at the event had the chance of winning TWO $250 Best Buy Gift Cards! Seriously. There were two ways to win. The first was by attending four stations and getting gold stars on our Xfinity Report Cards. At the end of the night, a random winner was drawn. The second was by posting selfies on Instagram or Twitter using #xfinitymoms or #xfinitydads. The Xfinity’s team’s favorite post was chosen. We had two super excited winners!

The Swag and Gift Cards

While filling out our Xfinity Report Cards and learning about XFINITY X1, xFi, XFINITY Home and XFINITY Apps, we collected swag to fill an Xfinity bag we received at arrival. Xfinity did not disappoint us with an insulated tumbler, stress remote, selfie stick, Lake Champlain Chocolates AND Bluetooth headphones (worth $80!) In addition to the swag, Xfinity ran an amazing promotion: for each service attendees signed up for they received a $25 gift card. My husband and I signed up for a bundle, including XFINITY X1 and XFINITY Home service and we left the party with $75 in gift cards!

The #momhacks & #dadhacks

What impressed our team the most about the event (well besides being wooed by food, giveaways, and swag) was all the products and services that Xfinity can offer families. There was a ton of information that we learned and there were a few tidbits that really stood out as they make parenting easier. We left with a list of  practical #momhacks & #dadhacks to use at home, and we have!

Kid Zone

One of the features of XFINITY X1 is Kids Zone, which gives parents like me extra piece of mind by offering a safe and secure experience for my kids to independently explore their favorite content and discover new programming. This is currently my favorite #momhack. I’ve been able to customize the Kid Zone so that my children can only access shows and movies appropriate for 2-4 and 5-7 year olds (you also have the choice of 8-9 and 10-12 year olds) and have a Parental Control Pin on so they can’t get out of it without my permission. My 13 month old LOVES the remote and while we had satellite he would get onto lots of channels I didn’t want him viewing or recording. My 3.5 year old loves that she can see all of her favorite shows in one place. A tip they gave the night of the event is that if you have older kids (say a 10 year old), you can set programming to their age by turning off the younger age settings so that their Kid Zone program doesn’t have “baby shows” – and in Kid Zone, they aren’t watching adult shows either.


With XFINITY xFi, you can manage your in-home WiFi network from anywhere, on any device – even from your TV – if you have XFINITY X1. You can see what devices are online, how long they’ve been on, and even pause WiFi for devices on your network. With three teen boys at home, this is Tasha’s favorite #momhack from the night and she’s using it all of the time! You are able to pause WiFi access to your home WiFi network, set safe browsing modes for kid-appropriate content, and create time restrictions (so no one’s surfing when they should be sleeping!)

Xfinity Connect App

This free app lets you do a lot but what makes it a #momhack is that you can use any 3G/4G or wifi-enabled device and get unlimited nationwide calling and texting. This means that the old smartphone you stored in your junk drawer can now become your child’s “cell phone” while they are at home or on another Xfinity network for FREE. We all have different comfort levels about when our children should have a cell phone, but it seems like kids younger and younger want to be able to call and text their friends. Through this app you don’t have to add them to your family plan and pay a bazillion more dollars. #winning

Xfinity Home

XFINITY Home is Comcast’s home security, control, and energy management platform that allows customers to stay connected to their home while on-the-go through the use of an interactive Web portal, mobile devices and the free XFINITY Home app. There are so many amazing features to XFINITY Home but some #momhacks and tips we learned during the event is that you can use door/window sensors for more than just alerting the authorities if an intruder is trying to enter your home. For families with teens you can put a sensor on the liquor cabinet or any other cabinet/entryway your children should not accessing, every time the door is opened it is recorded. For families with young children you can put a sensor on the entryway to the playroom so while you are preparing dinner in the kitchen you are alerted if one of your kiddos leaves their playspace.  

Y’all the Xfinity Team is a ton of fun and our team and readers had a blast with them. We can only hope that Xfinity will want to do another event in the near future. I have my fingers crossed for the fall/winter as we were told during the event that soon Xfinity is launching its XFINITY Mobile, which will be available at Xfinity Stores later this summer. XFINITY Mobile is a new wireless service that combines America’s best 4G LTE (Verizon Wireless) with the nation’s largest Wi-Fi network (Xfinity) to give customers a better experience, and make wireless data more affordable. For one flat fee, you can  get unlimited talk, text, and data… the possibilities are endless. So be on the lookout, because we’d love to hang out with you soon!


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