Why I Think I’m the Best Parent in the World


I think I’m the best parent in the world and these are all the reasons why.

Mom holding up baby lovingly hoping to be the best parent ever for her child.

I think I’m the best parent in the world because I let my kids try everything. I encourage, empower, and engage. In the home, on the field, at work, and at play, I show them the possibilities and let them choose what to pursue.

I teach, enlighten, and don’t talk down to my children.  I talk them up every day. I believe they are intelligent and discerning beings, so no matter what the topic, I give as much information as I can. I only filter myself if my answer might be harmful. Otherwise, my kids learn truths and facts without bias, to the best of my ability.

I stress the importance of emotional intelligence. I love how fellow Vermont Moms writer Miki explains to her counseling clients and to her children, “All feelings are valid. All actions are not.” In this same vein, I honor their feelings and help them to identify and process their emotions while aiming to teach them right from wrong.

I offer nourishment and sweets without restriction or judgment, allowing my children to learn and listen to their own bodies to know what is right for them. I create a dialog around which foods fuel you and which don’t, so they learn how to balance the needs and wants of the body.

I buy them the things they need and some extras, and I try to teach them the difference so they learn the needs and the wants of the mind.

I work and I play, and I show them how to work and how to play. I rest and relax, and I show them how to rest and relax. In this way, they learn the needs and the wants of the soul.

Dad holding newborn baby in loving embrace hoping he can be the best parent ever for his child.

I am their mother and their guide in life, but I am not their boss. I try to be a good role model while encouraging them to pave their own paths. I show my daughters the way and then let them take the lead. I learn from them as much as they learn from me. We all take turns being the teacher.

I am their friend when they need a friend and their mother at all times. These roles don’t have to be differentiated because I am always going to be their biggest cheerleader and their warmest embrace, no matter what title I go by. Sometimes, I will be their biggest headache, and number one annoyance too, and that’s just real life.

Most of all, I think I’m the best parent in the world because I know that I’m not the best parent in the world. 

I am flawed and uncertain. As a mother, I am just winging it and doing the best that I can. For all the things I do right, I might do a million other things wrong. But I am trying my best to grow strong, healthy, kind humans who know love and give love. 

I might not actually be the best parent in the world, but I hope my children think I am.

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