What the Java? Ashley Dives into the Vermont Coffee Scene

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It’s no secret I love my home state of Vermont and, as most of you know, I also love coffee. I have two little kids, so you really can’t underestimate my passion for coffee. Combining these two loves isn’t even a challenge because the Vermont coffee scene is amazing! 

familyWhen I was in college, I got a job working as a barista at Starbucks, and I actually helped to open the store on Shelburne Road. I definitely blame that job for my love affair with lattes. But if I’m being honest, my obsession with coffee started much earlier because I had a love for coffee ice cream even as a child.

During all these months at home, running my small business and homeschooling my two kiddos, I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee, and I’ve also been exploring the coffee shops and roasters that our little state has to offer. This is not a small endeavor. Here in the Green Mountain State, we take Vermont coffee very seriously.
hands holding a blue and brown ceramic coffee mug
Here are my first tips: if you haven’t tried the cardamom vanilla bean latte from Royal Oak in Middlebury, you’re missing out. And when I tried the Catamount Blend from Vermont Artisan Coffee I said, “I feel like this is exactly what coffee should taste like! My husband followed that with, “This coffee is goooood.” 

The coffee scene in Vermont is truly vibrant! I had the great fortune to be able to try several of our local blends, brews, and roasts from all over the state and I’m impressed. If you love a light roast, dark roast or anything in between there is a Vermont coffee just for you.

Here are some of the fantastic Vermont coffees I tried:

1A Coffee Roasters is located in Wilmington, Vermont and they are hoping to grow their business into a platform that allows them to do good in the world. They are committed to sustainable development and have great goals for the future. You can purchase their coffee online or right in their roastery store. I was able to try the Ethiopia Biftu Gudina blend. This blend is described as having hints of blackberry, clove, and apricot. It had a bold flavor and smooth “mouth feel.”

Brown and Jenkins was a delightful surprise! They are a family-owned and operated business with a desire to roast delicious small batches of coffee beans. You can find them in Jeffersonville or order online and have the coffee arrive fresh at your door. The 802 Blend is one I’ll be ordering again! I also tried the Lakehouse Blend and Vermont Breakfast. They have a rewards program, a coffee club, and a great blog full of ideas and tips. I thought I’d tried a lot of coffee, but I hadn’t tried any from Brown and Jenkins. Brown and Jenkins coffee is the coffee you never knew you needed! The 802 Blend is amazing! My mom was visiting and she actually took the empty bag home to be able to order more online. 

Carrier Roasting can be found in both Northfield and Burlington, Vermont. I was able to try the Snapchilled canned coffee and the whole beans. Snapchilled coffee is brewed hot and then chilled quickly to seal in the flavors. If you’re a fan of lighter roast coffee, you’ll love choices from Carrier Roasting. Both coffee bars serve a variety of brewed coffee, tea, and espresso beverages. They also sell locally sourced baked goods. Carrier also offers coffee subscriptions and participates in a coffee CSA. 

EarthBack Coffee Roasters can be found in South Burlington, Vermont. They pride themselves in offering Fair Trade or USDA Organic certifications on most of their roasts. I tried the Bali Blue Moon roast. Their website describes it as being similar to a Sumatra roast. I found it to be smooth and flavorful. Their website describes it as being “bright and floral.” 

Have you tried Healthy Living’s Fresh Coffee yet? If you’re a sleep-deprived mom like me, you’ve got to try the Racetrack blend. You won’t be disappointed. It’ll give you the kick you need to race after your children! I’m probably just reading into the name, but it felt like just the coffee I needed to take on the day. The espresso makes great homemade lattes too. I took some of the Healthy Living Fresh Coffee with me camping and brewed it in my French Press. It was great camping coffee!

whole coffee beans and a bag of Health Living Sugarhouse coffee
On a cool note: Healthy Living uses the Bellwether Coffee Roaster – a new and improved way to roast while reducing CO2!

And here’s another fantastic Vermont coffee – Kestrel Coffee Roaster. These guys pride themselves on the “freshest roasted coffee in Vermont!” I stopped by their shop in South Burlington and was not disappointed. Tasty coffee, friendly staff, and I learned all about their coffee subscription service – yep, you read that right! Never run out of coffee again! Another thing I love about Kestrel is they are one of Local Maverick’s vendors and participate in the Maverick Market at the Double E on Thursdays in Essex. It’s like a 5 point plan on how to shop local.

Community is an important part of Uncommon Coffee Co. They value kindness, respect, and integrity. They strive to provide a welcoming place for people to work solo or with friends. This gorgeous cafe is located in Essex at the Essex Experience, across from the movie theater, and welcomes folks in for a coffee, tea, breakfast, or a bakery item. I tried Ethiopia Banko Dhadhato and if you love light coffee roasts, you’ve got to try this one! The coffee tasted tart with a hint of spice.  

Vermont Artisan Coffee Catamount BlendVermont Artisan Coffee is located in Waterbury Center, Vermont. The Catamount Blend was a favorite for me and my husband. You’ll find coffee and tea at their cafe or you can even get it shipped straight to your door. If you visit the cafe, you can sit at the picnic tables, by the fire pit, or enjoy your coffee in a to-go cup as you start a hike on the Short Trail located right behind the coffee barn. 

I was immediately drawn into the bright and colorful packaging for the Vermont Coffee Company – Viva Cafe coffee and was delighted by the flavor that matched the package. This is some really fun and bold coffee. I brewed this in my drip coffee pot and thought it came out great. I think this blend would make a great cold brew!

foamy coffee Whether we tried a light or dark roast, every Vermont coffee sample was enjoyed and shared. I had a great time trying out all these different Vermont coffees! With all the varieties there is a Vermont Coffee for every coffee-loving Vermont Mom! They’ll give you that jolt you need to keep up with your children! What’s your favorite Vermont coffee brand or cafe? 

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