VHEIP: Vermont’s 529 College Savings Plan


{Disclaimer: We are working with VHEIP and The Vermont Lake Monsters to bring you this information.}

We have partnered with VHEIP and Vermont Lake Monsters CHAMP’s Kids Club for a summer-long effort to encourage more families to begin to save for college.


During the month in May, you can enter to win $529 in a VHEIP college savings account. Also, every baby born on May 29 will receive $100 in a VHEIP account. Partnering with the Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems, this has become an annual event and much anticipated (almost as much as Baby’s birth!)

All Summer long kids can pitch for cash at the ballpark – college cash that is! At every home game, one lucky Vermont kid will see how fast s/he can pitch and that’s how much will go into a VHEIP account: 100 mph = $100 VHEIP account with a minimum contribution of $25.

Come to the ballpark on CHAMP’s Kids Club nights and get your free pink piggy bank, a favorite of CHAMP’s and everyone else!

When you pick up your piggy bank, enter your name into a raffle for $100 VHEIP account (to be announced on game night!) There are two “Outstanding Kids” nights at Centennial Field. Students nominated as part of the Lake Monsters Outstanding Student Program should make sure to come out to the park and enter the special drawing just for you for a $100 VHEIP account. Be sure to enter the drawing to win $529 in May!

BVTMB will be at all of the CHAMP’s Kids Club nights this Summer, and we can’t wait to see you all there!

Find VHEIP online:






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