You Know You’re a Vermont Toddler Mama If…


Are you a mom? Do you have babies or toddlers? Do you live in Vermont, especially in the Chittenden County area? Then, chances are that you can relate to one or all of these statements.

You know you’re a Vermont toddler mama if…

  • Your kids’ first words are mama, dada, Ben, and Jerry.
  • You’ve found yourself wondering if that’s actually Miss Meg’s real voice.
  • You know that the Chicken Parade at Shelburne Farms doesn’t really start at 10:30 because you have to sit through the 15-minute speech first, which incidentally, you have memorized.
  • The only music playing in your car is Mister Chris and you’re not even that mad about it.

    Mister Chris for days
  • It has to be below zero for you to think it’s too cold for your kids to play outside.
  • You don’t think twice about letting your 2-year-old eat a maple-syrup-coated hot dog at Palmer’s Sugarhouse in March.
  • You legit cried the day that Buttered Noodles closed.

    store, car
    Took this picture on closing day, as I sobbed in my parked car.
  • You sat in the baby room at the VNA Family Room and considered taking a nap on the huge futon mattress in the corner while the amazing workers held your infant.
  • You met at least four of your current mama friends taking prenatal yoga at Evolution.
  • You met another four of your current mama friends through childbirth classes at Beginnings in South Burlington.

What did I miss? What are your favorite tell-tale signs that you’re a Vermont mama?



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